Fatal Lifeboat Drill on Harmony of the Seas: Our Maritime Lawyer Insists on Change

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Harmony of the Seas ShipAs a maritime law firm, we often find ourselves discussing cruise ship safety. Embarking on a cruise can be a wonderful experience, but, given the nature of a cruise, there are certain precautionary measures that cruise line’s must take in order to protect their passengers and crewmembers.

Ironically, within a span of less than three months, there were two virtually identical incidents where life saving equipped failed or malfunctioned and killed or severely injured crewmembers.

Unexpected Death in Marseille

On September 13th, 2016, tragedy struck during a safety training exercise. A lifeboat reportedly fell 33 feet from the cruise ship during a regularly-scheduled drill, killing one crewmember and injuring four others.

Sound familiar? That’s because the nearly exact same event took place in late July. The tragedy in July took place on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Breakaway and resulted in two crewmember deaths.

One of the deceased crewmember, Ben Buenaventura, leaves behind a loving wife and adoring 5 year old son.   We are proud to state that the Buenaventura family hired our firm to represent them against NCL.

This most recent event occurred on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. The ship, the world’s largest cruise liner, was docked in Marseille, France, at the time of the incident. Our condolences go out to the families of those killed and injured in this terrible situation.

A Wake-Up Call for Cruise Lines

In the aftermath of both of these accidents, we cannot help but to wonder what can be done to keep crewmembers safe? Clearly, the current methods are not working. The fact that two nearly identical accidents have taken place in the span of three months indicates a serious problem that must be addressed.

And let’s not forget the Costa Concordia in January 2012 where 32 lives were lost and the rescue efforts were repeatedly reported to have been haphazard at best.

Cruise lines have a responsibility to keep passengers and crew reasonably safe.   In the wake of these two virtually identical incident, that certainly means better training and better equipment.

After all, working on a cruise ship should not be a death sentence.

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