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First Carnival Triumph Voyage Since February Cruise Ship Fire Sold Out


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Sold out cruise itineraryIt’s not that hard to believe that the cruise industry would bounce back since the chain of maritime accidents that have befallen it for the past two years, most notably the Costa Concordia capsizing incident; however, it is pretty shocking that passengers would actually want to go back on the same cruise ships that were home to some of the most heinous conditions ever experienced.  Yet, whether it’s the shock factor or a lack of awareness of what’s happened on these vessels that’s to blame, the cruise industry is still going strong.

In what could be one of the strangest and confusing incidents that have come to pass in the industry, our cruise ship lawyers have come to learn that the highly criticized Carnival Triumph is about to set sail once more – and on a sold out itinerary no less!

We can’t decide which part of this revelation is more shocking, the fact that the Carnival Triumph is already about to set sail for the first time since it broke down in the Gulf of Mexico last February following a cruise ship fire, or the fact that the itinerary is sold out. Over 4,000 people were left stranded on the vessel to slosh around overflowing waste despite and sewage, non-working toilets and with little more to eat than cucumber sandwiches for five days.

But that’s not all. Passengers who were on the cruise ship have yet to see adequate compensation for their pain and suffering. Carnival merely offered a refund for the itinerary, $500, future cruise credit, and reimbursement for some – not all – onboard expenses.

Yet, even after the highly publicized incident made headlines around the world, both for the cruise company’s lack of safety and for the horrid conditions passengers were forced to experience, the vessel was repaired and travelers could not be more eager to take a cruise on what was dubbed a “Floating Petri Dish.”

The Triumph made its way back to the Port of Galveston today and boy, was it a sight for sore eyes.  All cleaned up and ready to go, the first itinerary on the Carnival Triumph since the February cruise ship fire, a four-day cruise, is scheduled to set sail on Thursday with a full load. The next voyage, a five-day cruise, is scheduled for Monday and it is also completely sold out.

Some travelers express their belief that since the vessel was completely refurbished after the fire, it will be in great shape now and practically like new.  Unfortunately though, not all vessels that undergo a makeover are redesigned for optimal passenger safety.

The only thing we can hope for is that the “Fun Ship” liner learned at least a few lessons in maritime safety  after the fire debacle and will work extra hard to keep mishaps from happening this time around.

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