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Heavy Fog And Rain Cause Delays For Houston Ship Channel


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Unfavorable weather conditions have caused many maritime accidents over the years. If not careful, boaters, cruise line companies and other maritime operators can find themselves in the midst of a negligence lawsuit if someone is injured when a ship operator ventures out into the open waters during severe storms and dangerous weather conditions.

Thankfully, it seems as though a few accidents and injuries on the high seas might have been avoided this week, after heavy fog and rain showers in the Houston, Texas area halted boating and shipping operations this morning.

The fog was heavy in some spots this morning, shrouding coastal lines and increasing the chances that an accident at sea might take place. The murky weather is forecasted to continue tomorrow, and yet another storm system is predicted to hit the city on the weekend, bringing more rain and increasing the chances that crewmembers, passengers and recreational boaters could get hurt.

Although officials issued a fog advisory only through 9 a.m. today, the weather has caused some delays that will not likely be resolved as quickly. The fog has already caused problems for shipping operations at the Houston Ship Channel, including temporarily delaying the docking of a cruise ship, which is among several vessels waiting to enter the waterway. Once the fog dissipates, weather conditions are expected to return to normal, but a 50 percent chance of showers has been forecasted for Wednesday as the storm system pushes through the region.

The rain is likely to record between two and four inches and the chance of showers and thunderstorms later this week could also present an imminent threat to those who are scheduled to head out to sea during the weekend. Although there are times in which weather conditions can change unexpectedly, vessel operators should maintain a close watch over possible disturbances to ensure the safety of all the passengers who have entrusted these operators with their safety.

When vessel operators ignore weather warnings or fail to keep up with weather reports, accidents might ensue due to rough winds, choppy waters, heavy rainfall, or even tornados. When vessel operators negligently place their crew and passengers at risk by ignoring weather conditions, they may be liable for damages to victims and/or their families for failing to act with due care.

Our maritime attorneys have witnessed many accidents and injuries caused by unfavorable weather conditions, but despite the many rules and regulations protecting crewmembers and passengers, negligent operators still attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the safety of those onboard their vessels.

If you or someone you love was hurt because of the negligent actions of a vessel’s operators, turn to our experienced attorneys today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options. Our maritime lawyers will fight to protect your rights so you can obtain the compensation you deserve for your pain , suffering, and injuries.

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