Hurricane Jose Threatens Cruise Ships in the Northeast

Since the beginning of September, the news has been filled with stories and images from Hurricane Irma. The second major hurricane to hit the U.S. this year–the first being Hurricane Harvey–Hurricane Irma sent shockwaves through the Caribbean and southern United States, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Now, countless individuals are left picking up the pieces of their lives and rebuilding for the future.

Hurricane season, however–which lasts from June 1st to November 30th, is far from over. In fact, while the Caribbean and southern United States begins the process of rebuilding, the northeast is also on the lookout. This week, cruise ships in and near Vermont have found themselves rearranging routes and itineraries, in order to sidestep the approaching Hurricane Jose.

Cruises Stop in Portland, Maine to Avoid the Storm

According to reports, a number of major cruise lines have begun scheduling unexpected stops in Portland, Maine. A popular port for cruises traveling to and from Canada, Portland, Maine has seen an increase in the number of ships stopping there this week.

While some are making shorter visits due to Hurricane Jose, others are choosing to make longer ones. The Carnival Sunrise arrived in Portland, but made the decision to leave early, en route to Canada. Similarly, the Carnival Sunshine, made its scheduled stop in the port, but will leave early for New Brunswick.

On the other hand, the Pearl Mist is choosing to spend an extra day in Maine, waiting until the dangerous weather conditions have passed before it moves on. All of this in just the first half of the week! And city officials say that they expect more cruise ships will find Maine the perfect place safe haven, especially for those cruises bound for Bermuda, which could be headed straight for Hurricane Maria.

In preparation for these upcoming storms and in the wake of those that have passed, we are glad to know that so many different cruise lines are taking the safety of their passengers seriously. In the past, this has not always been the case. And as we saw with the Anthem of the Seas situation, when a cruise line makes the choice to disregard the weather reports, terrible results can occur.

Although it is always an inconvenience for the cruise company to make the choice to reschedule plans because of threatening weather conditions, if it will keep passengers and crewmembers safe, then it is always the best choice.

Sadly, when this does not happen, innocent individuals can become injured or worse. As maritime lawyers, we are well aware of the many instances when preventable accident or injury has occurred at sea. This happens far more often than anyone would like. And when it does, you may feel overwhelmed by the legal burden on your shoulders and the road that lies ahead.

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