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Is Port Of Mobile Benefitting From Carnival Triumph Fire Accident?


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They say that whenever tragedy strikes, someone always makes a profit. Unfortunately, rumors have begun circulating that the Port of Mobile, Alabama is reaping the benefits of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship fire accident, and the profit is huge.

According to a local economist interviewed by the Pensacola, FL news team at Local 15, the Carnival Triumph’s arrival in Mobile will have a minimum impact of $10 million on the Port City.

Economist Semoon Chang explained Mobile will not only profit from charging Carnival a docking fee for the disabled Triumph, but will also gain money from wharfing fees for each passenger who was onboard the vessel, parking fees, costs for clean up, and several others. Additionally, due to the fact that the Triumph is now docked inside BAE System’s shipyard, Carnival is likely to be hit with docking fees, which Chang said average around $5 million.

But the profits don’t end there. Chang added that if Carnival decides to purchase new equipment for the impaled Triumph from Mobile-based businesses, this too will contribute to the city’s monetary gains.

Although Mobile officials have not said how much they are charging the world’s largest cruise company for their stay at the port, city officials have noted that they haven’t received any money from Carnival.

The Triumph arrived in Mobile on Feb. 14 after being dragged through the Gulf of Mexico by three small tugboats following the engine-room fire on Feb. 10. After enduring five long days at sea amidst horrid and unsanitary conditions, passengers were all too happy to set their feet on dry land. However, the vessel’s homeport is in Galveston, TX, not Mobile. And Carnival has explained it will be compensating all passengers for their travel expenses.

Questions still remain unanswered as to why Carnival chose not to send the ship to the closer port of Progreso, Mexico, but only time will tell whether there was any economic gain for the “Fun Ship” line in docking at Mobile instead.

It would seem only logical that the cruise line would dock in Progreso so passengers and crewmembers would be able to disembark much faster and return home, but then again, it would cost Carnival a pretty penny to send everyone home from Mexico, as opposed to sending them home from Mobile, so it is likely this all was taken into account when deciding where the Triumph should be docked.

In the meantime, those who were onboard the Triumph have a right to seek compensation of their own, far greater than Carnival is offering. The company has offered a full refund for the cruise, future cruise credit, travel expenses and $500 per person, but this is meager compensation when looking at the scope of the accident and the conditions passengers were subjected to.

Cruise lines have a legal responsibility to ensure those onboard are kept safe from harm, and the fire caused power to be knocked out throughout the ship, sewage waste to overflow and danger to arise. The dark conditions, staggering heat and possibility for diseases to spread among those onboard the Triumph all merit legal action by the passengers.

Our cruise attorneys are handling Triumph claims and are available to assist anyone who was on the Triumph so they can obtain the recovery they deserve – which is well over $500 per person.

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