Man Medevaced from Carnival Pride Due to Heart Attack

It’s beginning to sound like a song on repeat: cruise passenger medevaced from ship. As a maritime law firm, we are always listening in for the latest in cruise accident and injury trends. And, in the past few weeks, it feels as though there have been an especially high number of medevac emergencies.

In a normal situation, passengers aboard major cruise ships will visit the ship’s infirmary for medical attention. Provided that the need is within the scope of what the on-board medical professionals can handle, the passenger is typically treated and able to move forward, enjoying the rest of their vacation. However, when a situation is potentially life-threatening, it becomes necessary for the cruise medical team to reach out for support.

On a cruise ship, bringing in support really means transporting the passenger to an on-shore hospital. As a result, the Coast Guard is required to make this possible. Lately, there have been several situations to keep the Coast Guard on its toes, all along the East Coast. In this most recent case, the Coast Guard was brought in to medevac a 58-year-old man from the Carnival Pride, as it sailed near Virginia Beach.

According to reports, the man was having a heart attack and was brought to Norfolk General Hospital for treatment. We send our best wishes for a full recovery to him and his family. After all, enduring this kind of medical emergency, while on vacation no less, is bound to be a terrifying experience.

We are also grateful for the swift and effective coordination of all of the emergency response teams who launched into action in order to bring this passenger to safety. With so many parties involved, there are countless opportunities for something to go wrong. The fact that this situation was carried out and brought to a successful resolution without any issues along the way is a testament to the quality of the federal, state, and local partners involved.

This is Not a Trend Anyone Wants to Continue

However, we cannot help but to remain alarmed at the seemingly high number of medevac emergencies taking place in recent weeks and months. At this point, it is still too early to pinpoint a cause or even begin to suggest a solution. It may be worth remembering that the last two medevac cases were also for men over the age of 50. So this case fits in with the demographic seemingly in most need of medevac assistance.

Moving forward, we are led to wonder if this speaks to a larger concern with male cruise passengers going on vacation, unaware of their potential health risks? We also wonder if there is anything that can be done to help better educate cruise passengers on the importance of being in good health and perhaps even visiting a doctor, before embarking on a cruise? These are just a few initial thoughts on ways we might begin to address what appears to be a growing trend at sea.

That said, even the most well-prepared individual may become the victim of an accident or injury aboard their cruise ship. Often times when a medical emergency presents itself, the shipboard medical team are often late in recognizing the urgent nature of the situation and the need for immediate evacuation.  Critical time lost due to a delay in medical evacuation can cause a serious worsening of passenger’s condition and even death. You can rest assured that we are here to help. We have assisted clients with a wide variety of cruise ship accidents and claims cases, and we’re ready to do the same for you. A maritime attorney on our team can make a world of a difference when it comes to helping you move forward after an accident on a cruise ship.

So if you have questions about your legal situation and are ready to take the next step, do not hesitate to contact us.