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New Cruise Ship Lawyer Smartphone App Launches with Success


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Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. is comprised of attorneys that are nationally-recognized industry leaders in the field of maritime and admiralty law. Our team of lawyers has over a century of combined experience, has successfully handled over 3,000 cases, and has recovered over 300 million dollars in damages for our clients.

Accidents that take place on the high seas can lead to disastrous consequences, including life-changing injuries and even death. When out on a cruise ship, groups often separate, making it easier to become the victim of assault, sexual crimes or even sustain severe injuries due to a cruise line’s negligence. While any type of cruise ship accident should be documented as soon as it occurs, it is not always possible for victims and their loved ones to get the help they need – until now.

Our maritime law firm knows that staying safe out at sea is imperative, especially when having to deal with cruise authorities that have interest in covering up incidents rather than bringing them to light. For this reason, we have officially launched a new Smart Phone app that will make reporting cruise ship accidents much easier. The application, known as “Cruise Ship Lawyer” is available for both iPhone and Android download and contains innovative features that will help those involved in an accident aboard a cruise ship quickly and easily document the incident, as well as seek legal assistance for their injuries.

Among its many groundbreaking features, Cruise Ship Lawyer allows users to fill out a free case evaluation form, provides photo, audio and video storage so victims can document every detail of the accident scene, has a Skype feature that allows users to make calls while out at sea, and even has a built-in flash light for added convenience. Best of all, the application is free to download, so you can have your very own cruise accident lawyer with you wherever you go on your cruise vacation at no additional cost to you.

While a cruise vacation should be relaxing and memorable, accidents can and do take place. Our cruise injury attorneys have seen this happen time and time again in our years of practice and know how cruise lines can be about allowing victims to receive the full extent of benefits they deserve for their injuries and pain. Having the convenient Cruise Ship Lawyer app with you at all times may not prevent an accident, but it can help put your mind at ease after one occurs. The outcome of a cruise ship accident claim relies heavily on the evidence available, and our app ensures you obtain all available evidence. If you or a loved one do suffer an accident or tragedy while at sea, you can connect with our law firm directly so you won’t have to waste valuable time elapsing between the end of your voyage and obtaining legal counsel for your maritime accident. With all the details of the incident accurately documented right on your phone, you can save yourself time and costs associated with waiting too long to file a maritime claim.

With the assistance of our Cruise Ship Lawyer app and our experienced cruise injury lawyers, the legal assistance you both need and deserve is just one click away. For more information on our Smart Phone application or to discuss the details of a cruise accident case, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation and protect your rights following an accident at sea.

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