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Norwegian Escape Passengers Given No Clear Return Date


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In preparation for Hurricane Irma, many major cruise lines did what they could to keep passengers safely out of the path of the storm. While some cancelled or rerouted ship itineraries, others, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, gave passengers the opportunity to sail on a ship headed out of the way of the impending natural disaster.

Now, we are beginning to hear reports from passengers who chose to embark on this emergency voyage to safety. Unfortunately, it seems that conditions were not exactly the perfect idea of paradise.

A Longer Cruise Is Not Always A Better Cruise

A recent story from the New York Post sheds light on what took place aboard the aptly named Norwegian Escape, which left Miami on September 7th, two days before the storm. The ship was accommodating passengers who could not disembark in Florida, for fear of being unable to find a way out of the state before the storm. Many of these included out-of-state passengers, who would have had an uphill battle securing a flight or any other means to safety.

According to reports, life aboard the ship was not exactly a vacation. Passengers expressed frustration over the fact that they had no idea when they might be able to return home. Given the slow and, at times, complicated process of making Port Miami available to receive ships, passengers aboard the Escape had no firm understanding of when their extended cruise might end.

The idea of a longer vacation may have sounded fun at first, especially given the proposed stop in Cozumel, where the ship docked for the duration of the escape mission. Naturally, many imagined that a few extra days at sea would be preferable to what awaited back on land in Miami. However, as the days wore on, the heat, humidity, and high cost of 21st century necessities like bottled water and Wi-Fi became increasingly more difficult to tolerate.

When Port Miami reopened and the Escape was allowed to return, we trust that these disgruntled passengers were not faced with having to deal with the same issues they hoped to avoid by having extended their vacation. Hopefully the inconveniences suffered on the ship and in Cozumel were the extent of their trouble. However, as maritime lawyers, we know that this is not always the case.

Our Team Knows How To Help Hurricane Irma Victims

In many instances, passengers and crewmembers have become the victims of accident or injury while at sea aboard a cruise. Moreover, in the case of the Anthem of the Seas, the cruise line made the choice to sail directly into a serious storm. This should never happen for any reason–hurricane or otherwise. Therefore, if you or someone you know has been injured aboard a cruise ship and you believe that the cruise line is to blame, the team at Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. is here to help.

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