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Cruise Ship Safety as Hurricane Matthew makes Landfall


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Hurricane over CubaWhen booking a cruise, there are many factors that you can control. The ports of call, the excursions, and the way you spend your time on deck are all aspects that depend on you making a decision.

For most, the chance to tailor their vacation to their desires is a welcome option. It minimizes potential stress during the trip and ensures that you and all of your traveling companions will have an enjoyable time. However, there are some cases when even the best-made plans are thrown by the wayside. The potential of a natural disaster is one of those cases.

Hurricanes are one of the biggest threats to cruise ships. With their howling winds and stormy seas, a hurricane can do serious damage to any vessel that happens to cross its path. The quickly approaching Hurricane Matthew reminds us of this.

In preparation for the impending arrival of this powerful force of nature, many major cruise lines have chosen to redirect their passengers to safer waters.

Carnival has rerouted roughly 6 ships that were scheduled to visit the Caribbean, sending one, the Carnival Pride, northward to New York and Canada, instead of risking a southward journey.

Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Disney Cruise Line are among the other companies making itinerary changes in order to safeguard passengers from what the National Hurricane Center has deemed, a “dangerous” storm.

A Commendable Change

We are relieved to hear so many cruise lines taking Hurricane Matthew seriously. These preventative measures should increase the chances of all cruises delivering their passengers home safely and free from harm.

However, we know that this amount of concern has not always been the status quo. As seasoned maritime lawyers, we have seen the destruction caused when cruise lines do not heed weather warnings.

In the past, we handled the El Faro and Anthem of the Seas cases, when the ships sailed directly into an oncoming storm, resulting in unnecessary loss of life and injury. No one should ever lose their life due to the poor judgment of a cruise line and we remain deeply saddened by both events.

It is our hope that we will come out on the other side of this storm without any hurricane-related cruise ship fatalities. In the mean time, helpful websites can assist you in tracking where different cruise ships are at sea, which may give your loved ones a peace of mind while you are away.

However, if a tragedy does occur, you can rest assured that our team is here to help.

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