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Paris Couple Recounts Nightmare Cruise Experience During Hurricane Sandy


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Parisian couple Jeff and Cindy Clark thought they were going to have fun on their four-day cruise to Bermuda, but little did they know that they were in for a bumpy ride. The couple planned a vacation aboard the Caribbean Princess, but instead of scenic pictures of the Caribbean, they have images of choppy waters, rain and debris left behind from Hurricane Sandy.

“After all we saw, it was a great feeling walking through the door, knowing it was finally done,” said Cindy Clark.

The original itinerary for the cruise was nothing like what they actually experienced. Caribbean Princess was to depart from New York and head to Bermuda on Oct. 27, but about a week before the trip, the couple began growing nervous over reports that Hurricane Sandy was to head straight for New York. Although the couple kept checking, the cruise was never cancelled and they were told that if the hurricane made Bermuda an unsafe stop, another destination would be provided. So, the Clarks decided to go on the ship and the vessel headed out to sea at its scheduled time.

However, it wasn’t long before the ship began to rock back and forth from Sandy’s winds and the captain decided to change courses. In the end, the ship ended up heading to Boston, where it was to remain until it was safe to return to New York.

When passengers were allowed to disembark, the Clarks took the time to make inquiries into the status of their vehicle, only to find out all the cars in the lot where theirs was parked had been submerged under water and were destroyed. Between the panic and chaos of passengers trying to return home and the destruction left behind by Sandy, the Clarks had to take taxis back to New York, where the scene was nothing short of traumatic.

“The police were constantly pushing cars off the road. The drivers had kept going until they ran out of gas, and all the stations had run out,” recounted Cindy Clark. “We watched people dumpster diving for any food they could find.”

The Clarks are grateful to be home, but remain worried for all the victims they encountered. Although no serious cruise ship accidents were reported, Hurricane Sandy caused several vessels to alter their course in order to keep passengers and crew safe. Unfortunately, the heavy winds and rocky waters were unavoidable for many travelers.

Anyone who suffered an injury while onboard a cruise vessel that was out at sea during Hurricane Sandy can seek legal help with a maritime lawyer to protect their rights. Our attorneys have been helping the victims of accidents on the high seas since 1971 obtain damages for their pain and suffering and will put our expertise to use in order to help you recover compensation as well.

Cruise operators are responsible for ensuring everyone onboard their vessels is kept safe. If the ship you or your loved ones were on ventured out into the storm’s path, ignoring the safety of those aboard, we will help protect your rights. Contact our maritime lawyers today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options in filing a case.


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