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Why Passengers Should Be Extra Cautious When Sailing on a Valentine’s Day Cruise


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Valentine's Day cruise safetyValentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and for many, love is definitely in the air. Some of you may be celebrating several years of happiness together, while others are enjoying the start of a blossoming relationship. And then there are those of us who are either seeking to find a new connection with that special someone that has yet to come into our lives, or who couldn’t be happier enjoying the single life and use the holiday as a way to commemorate their independent lifestyle.

Though we may all be looking forward to different things this Valentine’s Day, sure enough, there will be a large number of people who will be spending the holiday out at sea on a cruise vacation – and for good reason. After all, few things can compare to watching a glowing sunset from the shores of a tropical beach in the Caribbean, or a sunrise from a private balcony stateroom with your special someone. Indeed, cruise vacations can be quite romantic and a wonderful way to spend a holiday with those whom we love. Unfortunately, though a Valentine’s Day cruise is wrought with an abundant amount of opportunities to experience an unforgettable moment with our significant others, there’s more to the holiday than chocolates, flowers, and being swept off your feet – especially when out in open waters.

Any cruise ship attorney at LMAW well knows that there’s a big downside to cruising on Valentine’s Day, and anyone considering a holiday sailing this week should exercise extra caution. The holiday embodies love and passion, but there’s always another side of the coin. Some travelers may very well be in love – or looking for love – on a Valentine’s Day cruise, but others are looking for trouble.

So, we’ve highlighted some of the top reasons why a Valentine’s Day cruise can pose a greater threat to passengers than usual and some tips on how to stay as safe as possible. In this blog, we’ll talk about scorned travelers and how they can create a hazardous shipboard situation.


Scorned travelers – who are they?

Not everyone going on a Valentine’s Day cruise is happily in love. Unfortunately, there will be some passengers who are either dealing with severe heartbreak, the pain of not having a partner during Valentine’s Day, or who may be in a depressive state for completely unrelated reasons. These are ‘scorned’ travelers, so to speak, and they can be easily triggered.


How scorned travelers may create a dangerous situation on a Valentine’s Day cruise

Though you may find a scorned traveler on any sailing, the particular nature of this holiday may trigger repressed or already agitated emotions and may lead these individuals to engage in unpredictable and often destructive behaviors on board, which can, in turn cause trouble for others. Whether it’s by over indulging in alcohol and causing a dangerous uproar or because their own internal trauma leads these individuals to behave in an outwardly aggressive manner, scorned travelers can create an unsafe environment for everyone on a Valentine’s Day sailing, especially themselves.


Ways to stay safe

Sometimes, it’s easy to spot a passenger who is clearly upset. Their facial expressions, the tone of their voice, and their outwardly aggressive actions can be a dead giveaway. However, there are some individuals who do not show their emotions as blatantly, and these are the individuals that can pose the greatest dangers. In order to stay as safe as possible and avoid a potentially life-threatening situation on board, our cruise ship lawyers have a few recommendations:

  1. Use the buddy system – The more people in your party, the more protected you’ll be from harm. If a fight ensues on the ship, it will be a lot easier for single travelers to get caught up in the altercation and get hurt. Traveling in groups can also reduce your chances of getting sexually assaulted on a ship.
  2. Stay away from isolated areas – Stick to common areas, where you won’t likely be left alone with the volatile individual and where cruise ship crew members can easily be reached in an emergency situation. If a scorned traveler does cause a scene, crew members will notice right away and dissipate the situation.
  3. Report suspicious activity – If you notice something wrong with a passenger or if you pick up on any signs that something is off, report the matter to cruise personnel right away so they can investigate. By doing so, you may even prevent a serious incident and save lives.


Scorned travelers are just one reason why a Valentine’s Day cruise can go sour. Check out our next blog to learn about other potential risks and how to stay safe.

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