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Poor Air Quality on P&O Cruises’ Oceana: What You Should Know


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When you picture a cruise vacation, you are likely imagining sunny skies, deep blue waters, and a fresh breeze. After all, that is exactly the picture that cruise companies like to paint in their advertising campaigns. So it only makes sense that you would expect this to be the reality at sea. However, despite the appearance of an idyllic paradise, the unfortunate truth is that many cruise lines do not live up to expectations.

In terms of air quality, for example, a recent undercover investigation has revealed that the air quality aboard cruise ships could be as bad as that in some of the world’s most polluted cities.

The investigation specifically focused on the P&O Cruises ship, Oceana. In it, the team tested the air quality on the deck downwind from the smokestacks. Their data revealed 84,000 particulates per cubic cm in this location, which increased to 144,000 particulates per cubic cm closer to the smokestacks.

The issue here is that, over time, the particulates emitted from the burning fuel can build up in the lungs, causing asthma and chronic lung disease. Those at the greatest risk of injury are crewmembers, as they spend most of their time on the cruise. However, passengers with prior lung conditions should also be wary.

Fortunately, P&O is taking steps to improve air quality on its ships. In a response to the report, the cruise line explained, “We continue to invest heavily in environmental technology for Oceana and for all ships across the fleet. In keeping with this environmental strategy, EGCS will be fitted on Oceana in dry dock later this year. These EGCS will significantly reduce sulphur oxides (SOX), soot and particulate matter …”

Safety At Sea Is Our First Priority

We are glad to know that this company is holding itself accountable for the health and wellbeing of its passengers and crew. However, we are left wondering how it could be acceptable for pollution rates to be so high to begin with? After all, if the cruise companies know the excessive amount of pollution being created, we would hope that they would want to improve on their own, without needing to be put under a spotlight to do so.

Ultimately, as a guest or as an employee, you should be able to rest assured that your time at sea will be healthy and safe. You deserve to breathe in truly fresh air, and should expect nothing less from the mega corporations organizing your trip.

Unfortunately, we know that not all cruise lines keep the best interest of their passengers and crewmembers at the forefront. Far too many accidents and injuries take place at sea each year, many of which could have been prevented with a little more oversight. So if you have been injured on a cruise and believe that the cruise line is to blame, a maritime lawyer on our team is here to help.

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