Recent Study Suggests Air Quality Aboard Cruise Ships Could Pose Serious Health Concerns

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Smoke from ChimneyDuring the coldest months of winter, it can be nice to imagine your summer vacation, when the days are longer, warmer, and more carefree. For many, the best holidays are spent aboard cruises, where your every whim can be satisfied.

We understand the allure of a cruise vacation. After all, who wouldn’t like the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of the planet? These kinds of trips offer vacationers the best of all worlds, as they can experience the land and sea. As a result, they’re increasingly popular choices when summer travel season rolls around.

As a maritime law firm, however, we know that not all cruise vacations are as idyllic as they may seem. What many passengers do not realize is that the cruise ships themselves have a huge impact on the culture of the port cities and the environment at sea.

A recent story reminds us that transparency is important when you’re selecting the best cruise for you and your family.

Early this month, a study found that pollution levels aboard cruise ships could be as much as 60 times higher than fresh sea air. A German environmental association has reported that there were an average of 60,000 particles per cubic centimeter aboard cruises, as compared to the 1,000 to 2,000 particles per cubic centimeter in fresh air.

As a result, health experts say that passengers suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should not stay out on deck for too long. These pollutants are often linked to deadly lung diseases, heart attacks, stroke, asthma and diabetes.

Those who oppose these study results say that a more sustained and systemic test would be needed, to determine if these initial results are accurate. However, this is not the first time we’ve heard of cruise ships causing havoc on the environment. The cruise industry has a long, dark history of pollution and a lack of transparency with regards to environmental awareness.

Are Cruise Lines Accountable for their Environmental Impact?

Many believe that the cruise industry should be held to higher standards, and required to undergo more strenuous examination processes, to ensure that they are following regulations. In the mean time, the Cruise Ship Report Card is a helpful resource for understanding the environmental impact of your cruise.

As a passenger, you have the option to decide where you spend your money. So, taking a few minutes to do your research can give you a cleaner conscience when you set out on your vacation.

In fact, we highly recommend that passengers take the time to fully prepare for their vacation in every way possible. Our team believes there are a few things that every passenger should know before they depart, so that the cruise experience can be as safe and stress free as possible.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can happen when you least expect it. So, it’s better to be prepared than to be scrambling in the aftermath. We understand how overwhelming a maritime legal case can be. And if you find yourself in need of assistance, a maritime attorney is here to help.

So, if you have questions and are ready to take the next step, do not hesitate to contact us.