Rowdy Passengers Aboard Carnival Legend Removed For Passenger Safety

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This week, a group of 23 passengers aboard the Carnival Legend were removed from the ship, after causing violent fights and disturbances aboard the cruise. The ship was en route through the South Pacific, on a 10-day cruise along the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, when passengers–all from the same family–became unruly. According to reports, the individuals were getting into confrontations with each other and with the security personnel on board, wreaking havoc aboard the ship and intimidating their fellow passengers.

Although there is no word on what started the fights, how many people may have been injured, or if charges were filed, the cruise line did release a statement, saying, “We have a zero tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests…In line with this policy, we cooperated fully with local authorities in Australia to remove a large family group who had been involved in disruptive acts aboard Carnival Legend.”

Other cruise passengers claim that the group was “looking for trouble” from the moment the cruise began, causing disturbances and problems in public places, such as the cruise pool and the decks. As a result, the ship docked early so that the dangerous passengers could be handed over to the proper authorities.

As an apology for the inconveniences at sea and the potential danger posed to the other passengers, Carnival offered guests a 25% discount on future cruises.

There Is No Excuse for Violence

When you set out on a cruise vacation, the last thing you want is for your peace to be disturbed by a group of passengers who are determined to place your physical safety in harm’s way. Unfortunately, this is the second report of violent behavior on cruises in recent weeks. An incident just last week also resulted in the removal of cruise ship passengers due to behavior that posed a risk to cruise guests and crewmembers.

The frequency of these events leads us to wonder what could be causing this type of behavior at sea? While some passengers are determined to cause trouble no matter what, we must also ask did the cruise line do enough to prevent the unruly behavior?

In many cases, cruise lines will continue to serve passengers even after it is clear that they have had too much to drink, creating an environment that is unsafe for all involved.  In addition, there is no police officers on board the ships. Although cruise lines have some employees trained in security, this is not the same.  There are not enough security personal on the vessel to handle the thousands of passengers sailing.   Without the knowledge that law enforcement is an active force at sea, some passengers may feel more inclined to participate in behaviors they would not normally in another situation.

Although most passengers embark on a cruise vacation in order to relax, the unfortunate truth is that you never know who you will be sharing the ship with, and some passengers are determined to cause trouble.    Despite your best efforts to have an enjoyable cruise experience, it is entirely possible for the situation to spin out of your control, as it did in the case above.

While we are glad that Carnival addressed the unruly passengers as soon as possible, it is yet to be determined how many–if any–others were injured on board. If you or someone you know was injured aboard a cruise, you should know that you can take legal action to get the justice you deserve.

We Are Prepared to Help

After all, there is no excuse for dangerous behavior at sea. Our maritime lawyers understand how challenging it can be to navigate the legal waters after a cruise accident or injury. Fortunately, our 100 years of combined experience mean that we know what you need and how to get you the results you deserve.

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