Saudi Cruise Passenger Jumps Overboard in Spain

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Late last week, investigations into the overboard accident involving a Saudi Arabian cruise ship passenger closed, confirming that no one else was involved in the man’s death. According to reports, Omar Salman Awadh Al-Matiri threw himself overboard his cruise on April 3rd, as it sailed 30 miles off the coast of Murica in Spain.

The 34-year-old was first noticed missing when he did not report to work on April 8th. The company where he worked as a civil engineer and a pilot, Saudi Aramco, contacted the family and the Saudi Embassy in Madrid to inquire about Al-Matiri’s whereabouts. Al-Matiri’s brothers traveled to Spain to follow up with the authorities and insist upon a thorough investigation. Specifically, the family requested a review of security and safety procedures.

Witnesses in the investigation have said they saw Al-Matiri depressed and in tears before throwing himself off of the ship. On April 20th, the closure of the investigation dismissed the possibility of anyone else becoming involved in Al-Matiri’s death, confirming the death as suicide.

We send our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, and hope they may find some closure and peace during this difficult time.

Overboard Accidents: A Growing Problem

In the wake of this event, we are saddened to see yet another overboard accident take place at sea. This is the third in a series of tragedies to have taken place this month. The apparent frequency of these very specific kinds of accidents leads us to wonder if anything else can be done?

What is equally as concerning for us is the fact that the cruise ship seems to have had no idea that a passenger had gone overboard, or taken very little action in the aftermath. Was there a man overboard alarm that was sounded? Was the cruise preparing to inform Al-Matiri’s family? If the case developed exactly as it appears, then it seems to have taken an inquiry from Al-Matiri’s employer, four days after his disappearance, to start any action.

It should never be the case that an individual goes missing at sea and the cruise line has no idea that it has occurred. If that is what transpired in this situation, we hope that the cruise line will take the time to evaluate their Man Overboard Systems, so as to ensure that vacationers and employees cannot throw themselves or anyone else overboard, without the cruise knowing that something irregular has taken place.

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