South Carolina Officials Issue Permit For $35 Million Cruise Ship Terminal

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The cruise industry is always changing and adapting to new technologies and passenger demands. As vessels become larger and packed with fun activities and features, regions that might benefit from cruise tourism must also learn to accommodate to the evolving market. Cruise vacations are extremely popular, as our cruise accident lawyers know, and some areas that might not have established port facilities have begun to question whether or not they should start participating in the industry.

Cruise tourism can bring a port millions in revenue, and an increasing number of areas are beginning to realize this, including South Carolina. Recently, South Carolina officials have been discussing the creation of a new cruise terminal in Charleston and have just gotten some good news. State environmental regulators have issued a permit for the construction of a $35 million cruise passenger terminal in Charleston, which has both officials and residents excited about the possibilities that will ensue with the booming cruise market.

The Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management issued the permit on Tuesday, which will allow the state Ports Authority to drive pilings beneath an old riverfront warehouse, which will serve as the location for the new terminal. The permit was the focus of two public hearings this year, attended by hundreds of government authorities and residents. According to DHEC director Catherine Templeton, who spoke with The Associated Press regarding the new terminal, the permit incorporates an agreement between the Ports Authority and Charleston, which will limit the number of cruise stops to 104 per year.

These limitations have been another focus of concern for stakeholders in the cruise industry. Several lawsuits have been filed in both state and federal court regarding the matter. Opponents of the cruise industry have criticized the limitation agreement, saying it is only voluntary and does not have any solid bearings.

Meanwhile, another issue that should be of concern has yet to be discussed – safety. Our cruise accident lawyers have represented many people who have been injured due to construction mishaps or discord at a new port because of confused or inexperienced workers. Port safety is a matter of high concern that not every port facility deals with properly. But when accidents take place at ports, it is the cruise industry that often takes the fall and holds the blame. Cruise operators have a responsibility for making sure everyone at a port stays safe from harm, but when incidents arise due to negligence when it comes to safety standards, they may be held liable for any accidents that ensue.

Our cruise accident lawyers have represented these types of cases since 1971 and are available to offer legal counsel to anyone who has been hurt at a port facility or onboard a cruise vessel. Call our attorneys today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options in filing a claim.

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