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The Truth About Offshore Accidents


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Offshore Accidents

Offshore AccidentsOffshore accidents can result in serious injuries for crew members or even death. Unfortunately, the truth about these types of accidents is often kept hidden from the public due to the possibility of a ship or rig owner being held liable (or partially liable) for the matter. It is important for anyone who has suffered an offshore accident to understand they have a right to seek legal help and may be eligible to file a legal claim. Below are some important facts about offshore accidents every crew member should be aware of.  


What are Offshore Accidents?

An offshore accident is one that occurs outside of land, such as aboard an oil rig, cargo vessel, or cruise ship. There are a variety of offshore accidents that can transpire, but unfortunately, the vast majority of these incidents tend to be very severe, leaving victims with catastrophic injuries. Some of the most common types of offshore accidents result from mechanical malfunctions aboard a ship or rig or crew member and employer errors. These include fires, explosions, crew member falls, falling objects, and vessel groundings.


How Negligence Can Cause an Offshore Accident

Like many maritime incidents, a large percentage of offshore accidents can be prevented. These kinds of accidents tend to be caused by safety negligence, whether on the crew member or the ship/rig owner’s part. For example, offshore accidents that stem from equipment malfunctions usually occur because said equipment wasn’t properly maintained, secured, or frequently checked for damage. Other times, offshore accidents happen because a worker isn’t sufficiently experienced at a particular task, placing not only their own lives in danger, but those of other crew members.


Taking Legal Action

Ship and rig owners and operators have a duty to provide the safest environment that is reasonably possible for crew members. When they fail to do so, accidents can happen. If the accident is the result of the owner or operator’s direct negligence, or because of the unseaworthiness of a ship or rig, victims may be eligible to file an offshore injury claim. Anyone who has experienced an accident, physical injury, or medical emergency while in the service of their vessel or rig has the right to contact an offshore accident lawyer to determine their legal options. An experienced attorney will thoroughly investigate the incident, review evidence, and work diligently to help their clients recover compensation, especially if the incident was the result of safety negligence.

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