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Three Seaplane Victims Rescued By Recreational Boaters In Victoria


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Maritime attorneys are often needed to represent victims involved in accidents at sea. Although some victims are left to fend for themselves, there are times in which rescuers are able to find and assist distressed boaters and ensure they are kept safe from further harm.

Earlier today, three people were rescued by recreational boaters in Victoria, Australia after the seaplane they were riding in flipped over off the coast of Geelong. A seaplane is a type of aircraft that is capable of taking off and landing on water. According to a Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman, the pilot of the chartered flight and his two passengers had climbed on top of the craft, which had overturned in the water and was floating roughly 400 meters off the coast of Geelong. The victims were spotted near Cunningham Pier by three separate boaters who came to their rescue at around 3:25 p.m. local time.

“There were three boats in the area that responded and rescued the people,” said a spokeswoman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. “They were small recreational boats, like tinnies.”

The three seaplane victims were transported to Geelong Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Although no further information has been released on the cause of the maritime accident, witnesses who saw the incident reported seeing the aircraft flip upon landing in the water.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, it is too early to tell whether any charges will be filed. An investigation into the nature of the crash is underway.

Although this accident may have been caused by several factors, there is a chance that the victims may be able to file a claim either against the pilot or the company which operates the seaplane. Whenever an accident at sea takes place, victims are entitled to consult with a maritime attorney to discuss their options in pursuing a lawsuit against those responsible for the incident.

Maritime accidents can be the result of mechanical failure, unfavorable weather conditions, pilot inexperience or distraction, or even intoxication. If an investigation reveals that the accident could have been prevented and was the result of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, victims may be entitled to a large compensation for their pain and suffering, including money damages, medical care, lost wages, and property damage reimbursement.

It is important to seek legal help following a maritime accident because those who cause the incident don’t always come forward to admit wrongdoing. Many times, boat operators, cruise companies and even cargo vessel authorities attempt to avoid taking responsibility for accidents at sea or in port in order to escape having to pay damages to victims. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, victims can rest assured that their rights will be protected.

If you or someone you know has been hurt or killed in a maritime accident, contact the lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. today to schedule a consultation and discuss your available options in pursuing a claim.

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