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Tragic Boat Accident Claims the Lives of a Father and Son


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Boat outings are supposed to be relaxing and fun, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, boat accidents occur that can be extremely tragic, such as a recent maritime accident that has claimed the life of a father and his infant son in Biggs, California on Saturday. The victims, a 53-year-old man and his two-year-old son, were onboard in an inflatable boat on a pond at the wildlife area on Palm Avenue when witnesses claim the young child fell into the water. The boy’s father immediately jumped into the water to save him, but was not able to pull either his son or himself back onto the boat.

Emergency crew arrived at around 4:45 p.m. and Sergeant Jeff Young of the Butte County Sheriff’s Department explained the man had already been pulled to shore by the time authorities arrived. Rescue crewmembers performed CPR, but were not able to revive him. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and his son, who was still in the water when crews arrived at the pond, was transported to Gridley Hospital where he was also pronounced dead shortly after.

Authorities added that the boy was wearing a life vest at the time of the boat accident, but his father was not. Officials did not release much more information regarding the tragedy, but this isn’t the first time – nor the last – that innocent lives have been lost in a boat incident. Boat accidents, which include incidents with smaller watercrafts like jet skis or larger personal vessels like yachts, are extremely common, especially here in Florida. Incidents can involve water activities like parasailing or fishing or can occur while stationary or on a sightseeing trip.

Any type of accident that deals with a pleasure craft that occurs on navigable waters may be subjected to the rules of admiralty and maritime law. If it occurs on non-navigable waters, like a pond or lake, then the laws of the state where the accident occurred would apply. Regardless of whether a boating accident takes place on state or federal waters, it is important for victims to understand they have a right to seek legal help. Our experienced team of boating accident attorneys is here to protect your rights and help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and/or losses.

Our maritime law firm, Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A., has been successfully litigating boat accident claims since 1971. We have experience in cases that involve watercraft accidents in both navigable and non-navigable waters and work diligently so you can receive the full extent of the benefits you are rightfully entitled to, including money damages, medical care and even lost wages. For more information regarding our boating accident attorney services and to discuss your individual options, contact our law firm today.

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