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Two Men Medevaced from the Grandeur of the Seas Mere Hours Apart


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Air rescue serviceAs a maritime law firm, we like to keep an eye on the pulse of the cruise ship industry. This means that for every breaking news story or major cruise development, we’re ready to apply our seasoned perspective and analysis to all of the factors at play. We believe that this is most helpful to you, our readers, so that you can make more educated decisions the next time you plan to set out on a cruise vacation.

Our keen eye of observation also means that we pick up on trends others may overlook, and relay those potential hazards to individuals looking to be in-the-know on cruise ship issues. In the past year, we’ve seen several instances of passengers requiring medevac services from their ships.

A recent story out of Baltimore seems to confirm that health crises aboard cruise ships may be a more frequent problem than anyone had expected.

On Monday, April 10th 2017, not one, but two passengers aboard Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas had medical emergencies that required them to be taken to a nearby hospital. However, in an unusual twist, these emergencies, that happened just hours apart on the same ship, were not at all related. It would be somewhat rare for a cruise ship to call the Coast Guard more than once during any given voyage. So calling twice, with just hours between each call is certainly an anomaly.

In the first situation, a 60-year-old man was suffering from respiratory arrest while the ship traversed the Chesapeake Bay.  In the second situation, an 80-year-old man had passed out, fallen unconscious, and was receiving CPR. In both cases, the men were taken to nearby hospitals, and the cruise ship continued its scheduled itinerary as planned. And, as is customary, Royal Caribbean’s care team is offering support to both families as their loved ones hope for the men’s speedy recovery.

Can These Emergencies be Prevented?

It is times like these that we are especially grateful for well-trained Coast Guard teams to respond at a moment’s notice and bring cruise passengers to safety. However, we cannot help but to remind all cruise passengers and crewmembers how important it is to have all potential health concerns double-checked before embarking on a cruise.

While relaxing, a cruise vacation does take you away from your primary physicians, making it more difficult to receive medical assistance than if you were at home. While there are some health issues that one might never expect, it does not hurt to get the approval of your physician before setting out for a few days at sea.

We are also led to wonder how the cruise industry may better respond to these kinds of cases in the future? Should there be a dramatic increase in the number of medevac calls that take place, this could be a red flag that the industry itself needs to make some changes to improve the health and safety of all passengers.

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