Two Passengers Aboard Coral Princess Taken to Hospital for Serious Injuries

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This week, two passengers aboard the Coral Princess faced conditions that required emergency medical assistance. On Tuesday, November 21, around 5:40pm, the Coast Guard Sector Miami Command Center received a call for help from the ship.

According to reports, a 73-year-old man had internal bleeding, while a 79-year-old man had broken his arm. Despite the injuries happening around the same time, the two incidents were not related.

In their response to the call for help, the Coast Guard sent a 45-foot response boat and a 33-foot response boat to retrieve the men in the Port Everglades area. Both were taken to the Broward Health Medical Center.

At this time, we have no further updates on the men’s conditions. However, we send our best wishes to both for a speedy recovery. After all, there is nothing worse than finding yourself in a compromised state of health while you are at sea, especially in these cases where both concerns were of a very serious nature. Although we are grateful to hear that the men will now receive the medical attention they require, we know that not all emergency situations go according to plan.

Cruise Doctors are Often Ineffective

Unfortunately, we have found that the medical professionals aboard cruise ships are typically unable to provide anything more than the most superficial of care. Due to poor training and credentials—the vast majority of ship’s doctors are not trained or licensed in the U.S.–many cruise doctors lack the expertise required to perform anything more than the most basic of medical care; and, we have seen, often do more harm than help. As a result, the number of individuals requiring emergency transport to hospitals is far more than anyone would like.

Rates of emergency medical care are especially high for passengers over the age of 65, who are at a greater risk of suffering accident or injury than younger passengers. Given that so many cruises tailor to an older demographic, one would hope that the cruise industry would begin to create environments that do a better job of keeping all passengers safe and out of harm’s way.

LMAW, PA Is Here to Help You

Despite the cruise industry’s desire to portray itself as a fun and carefree environment, the opportunity to suffer an accident or injury at sea is endless. And if you believe that your injury is due to cruise line negligence, a poorly trained crewmember or any other factor outside of your control, you can rest assured that you do not have to face your burden on your own.

At Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman P.A., we have experience assisting clients with a wide range of accident and injury cases. The maritime lawyers on our team have a combined 100 years of experience in maritime law. This means that we are prepared to stay with you and fight for your rights until you get the results you deserve.

When it comes to protecting your safety, the cruise lines have no excuse for negligent behavior that may put you in harm’s way. So if you believe you have a case and are seeking guidance from a trusted source, we are here to help. Ready to step forward into your future without the stress of your legal burden? Then do not hesitate to contact us.