U.S. Coast Guard Medically Evacuates Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship Passenger

There are times when accidents onboard cruise ships can be avoided, other times they are inevitable.

Accidents on the high seas can result from crewmember negligence, equipment failure, rough weather, and or the actions of fellow passengers. Regardless of their cause the injured party should always seek legal assistance with a cruise ship accident lawyer.

When a passenger – or crewmember – falls ill or sustains serious injuries, the cruise ship’s operators must get the victim medical attention as quickly as possible. If the vessel’s medical facility is not fully equipped to handle the injury or illness, then the captain of the ship must reach out for help from the Coast Guard or sail to the nearest port where the victim may obtain further medical assistance at a land-based hospital.

Medical emergencies on cruise ships happen more often than the public knows. Just recently, a 72-year-old woman passenger aboard a Carnival Cruise ship had to be evacuated from the Carnival Fantasy via Helicopter by the U.S. Coast Guard when she experienced severe symptoms related to a prior medical condition while the vessel was roughly 66 miles east of Fernandina Beach.

The incident occurred on Monday; the woman whose name was not released, was witnessed by both cruise staff and fellow passengers to be in need of medical attention she could not receive onboard. Fantasy’s crewmembers contacted watchstanders at the Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville immediately and requested a medevac for the passenger.

After a Coast Guard flight surgeon was consulted regarding the victim’s condition, a medical evacuation was deemed necessary. A Coast Guard helicopter crew then flew from Air Station Clearwater aboard an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and met the Fantasy at sea at around 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning. The Coast Guard crew safely hoisted the woman and a nurse from the vessel onto the helicopter and transported them to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach.

The Fantasy’s crewmembers acted quickly to get the ill passenger medical assistance. Unfortunately, not all cruise operators do their best to help passengers or crewmembers who become sick or experience injuries while onboard. If a victim’s condition is not treated immediately, it may worsen and possibly lead to their death. Cruise operators who do not act in the victim’s best interest as soon as word of their sickness or accident is known may be held liable for negligence. If you or someone you love had a similar incident occur, turn to our cruise ship accident lawyers for assistance today. Our attorneys will review the details of your incident and determine if you are eligible to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering.