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Utah Couple Braves Hurricane Sandy Aboard Their Cruise Ship But In Port In Boston


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Although Hurricane Sandy ruined many cruise vacations, one Utah couple that opted to take their chances, rode out the storm on their Cruise Ship and took it with a grain of salt. Not too concerned with any cruise accidents that might take place, Marva and Warren Beck boarded their Royal Caribbean ship as scheduled and made the most of their time onboard during the storm.

The ship was stranded in Boston Massachusetts, after Sandy caused several U.S. ports to close, and resulted in several cruise line itinerary changes. The Becks had planned a nice Caribbean getaway, but as the day of their trip drew nearer, they realized that Sandy was headed right for Boston, the area from where they were to set sail.

“We thought well, we’ll either get to Boston or we’ll turn around and go home,” said Marva Beck.

Once the Becks arrived in Boston Sunday morning, they were given a choice by the Cruise Line, get onboard and ride out the storm on the ship or go home.

“You really have the option whether you wanted to get in or not, and apparently some people changed their minds and said they didn’t want to get on,” said Beck.

Deciding to brave out the storm, the Becks remained onboard the ship, which was held in place by large tugboats, so as not to take a chance with the safety of those aboard that an accident might occur. And thanks to the tugboats, Marva said she could not feel the 50 mph winds that were rocking the vessel outside.

Marva Beck explained that passengers were not allowed to leave the cruise ship because of the dangerous weather, and also, because if by chance the weather improved, they were told the ship might still set sail.

She and her husband had no problem staying onboard and enjoying the perks of the vessel.

Although the Becks may not have been out at sea, several cruise ships were out amidst the choppy waters and torrential rains caused by Sandy. Waves got as high as 30 feet along the New Jersey Shore, and some cruise lines, including the Disney Fantasy got, hit by the waves which flooded the interior of the vessel.

Being onboard a cruise ship in the middle of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is not to be taken lightly. Several accidents can occur, and if they do, victims may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. If you or someone you know was onboard a vessel affected by Sandy and were injured, turn to our cruise accident lawyers immediately for assistance.

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