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Viking Line Passenger Arrested for Attempted Murder After Allegedly Forcing Someone to Jump Ship


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A 28-year-old man that was accused of forcing another man to jump off the deck of a Viking Line ship was arrested in Stockholm on suspicion of attempted murder. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on Sunday, Sept. 30, aboard the deck of the Cinderella ship. The Cinderella was moored at the Stadsgårds pier in Stockholm around 4 p.m. when a man jumped overboard. Miraculously, the victim survived the fall and was able to get back onboard the vessel, but another man was arrested for his suspected role in the cruise ship accident.

“He was able to find a ladder on the stern of the boat,” said Bengt Hellström, of the Södermalm police, to the Aftonbladet newspaper about the victim. “He was really lucky to survive. If he’d twisted in the slightest, we would have been killed by the impact with the hard water.”

The victim was transported to an area hospital following the cruise accident, and managed to survive the nearly 89-foot fall without sustaining any serious injuries. While authorities haven’t offered an exact explanation as to why the man jumped over the ferry’s railing into the harbor, the 28-year-old man was arrested by guards onboard the ferry on suspicion of having forced the other to jump ship.

Hellström said both men had been on the same ferry, but had not known each other very long.

“They were travelling together, but they reportedly had made each other’s acquaintance rather recently,” Hellström told the paper.

Police have classified the cruise ship accident as attempted murder, with Hellström offering an explanation of the charges.

“If a person forces a someone to jump 27 metres down into the water, that person should realize that normally, you don’t survive,” he said.

It is unclear exactly how the man forced the other to jump overboard. The arrested individual may have pushed the victim overboard or the victim himself may have decided to jump as a dare or to show off to his friends. Regardless of the situation, going overboard a vessel is no laughing matter and should not be taken lightly. Several watercraft passengers and cruise travelers are often seriously wounded or killed after going overboard and they don’t always obtain justice for the incident.

Anyone who has sustained a cruise ship injury, whether it was from an extremely serious incident such as going overboard, or from a more minor accident, like a slip and fall, may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Maritime accidents are usually the result of negligence, either on the operator’s part or crew members. By maritime and admiralty law, vessel operators and workers are required to ensure the safety of all whom are onboard and when that safety is compromised, victims and their loved ones may be eligible to receive benefits, including money damages and medical care.

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