Virgin Voyages Cruise Line to Debut in 2020

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-443 cn 30885-1268 G-VROS.When you think of a cruise vacation, there are a few common images that may come to mind. For some people, it’s an image of a kid-friendly playground. For others, it’s of a high-class, formal affair. Everyone has a certain bias on the kinds of people who take cruises. Whether you are a cruise-goer, or have a few cruise fans in your life, it’s safe to say that this has shaped your opinion of what to expect, when you think of a cruise.

That said, we’re willing to bet that, of all of the demographics you can imagine embarking on a cruise, the one that isn’t at the forefront of your mind is: millennials. It seems that millennials are choosing cruises far less frequently than their older counterparts. While there are a variety of reasons that could be impacting this trend, one company is here to change that.

Last week, Virgin Voyages–a new cruise line by Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin Group fame–had its official steel cutting ceremony. Currently, the company expects to launch the first ship of the line in 2020. And when it does, the mission will be to entice more millennials to be a part of the cruise crowd.

Keeping Millennials in Mind

Virgin Voyages was first announced in 2016 as Virgin Cruises. However, the name change reflects a more focused understanding of the cruise line’s aesthetic. According to reports, the ship will draw in the “young at heart,” and play up the idea of what a voyage can be.

Although the first ship of this trendy cruise line is still years away, President and CEO of Virgin Voyages, Tom McAlpin gave some hints as to what a vacation experience with Virgin Voyages will entail. Words like, “bold,” “romantic,” and “glamorous,” characterize the aesthetic. The ship will have its homeport in Miami and make trips throughout the Caribbean.

As an added part of the appeal, the cruise line will also be environmentally conscious, with the ability to convert low-grade energy into clean electricity. Could this be another lure for the young adult crowd? Only time will tell.

We are always excited by the prospect of a new cruise line to hit the seas. However, it’s important not to get too carried away with the anticipation and lose sight of what matters most: your safety.

Due to the fact that this new line of cruise vessels will debut in a few years’ time, we would expect them to be outfitted with only the most up-to-date safety measures and follow the most comprehensive emergency procedures. However, there is always a risk of accident or injury–even on the newest ships around.

As a result, we always recommend that passengers and crewmembers alike keep an eye out for potential hazards and do their best to stay out of harm’s way. However, if you do fall victim to an accident or injury while at sea, you can rest assured that we are here to help.

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