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What to Pack for a Cruise: 6 Items to Help Keep You Safe


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Packing for a cruise vacation - LMAW Cruise LawyersNow that cruising season is in full swing, it’s time to consider what things you should pack before you go on your high seas vacation. Many passengers make the assumption that they will have access to important safety and first aid items while on board, however, while many must-need items are available for sale on board, passengers might find themselves shocked by the price of simple essentials, like sunscreen or pain medication. So with this in mind, our cruise lawyers have created a list of crucial items to pack that will help keep you and your loved ones safe on the high seas.

  1. Sunscreen. Even for cruises to colder destinations, being in the sun for extended periods can do a number on your skin. Bring ample sunscreen whether you’re planning a cruise to Alaska or to the Caribbean.
  2. Medicine. It’s important to always bring an ample supply of both prescription medication and over-the-counter medication when embarking on a cruise vacation. Cruises can sometimes encounter delays or diversions and occasionally, passengers have found themselves spending extra days at sea or even missing their flights home. Make sure that you pack prescription meds and other medicines you might need: Dramamine (for motion sickness), aspirin, and medicine for upset stomach. If you find yourself having to buy these items on the ship, you’ll likely have to pay the cruise line’s premiums.
  3. Power strip. If you are bringing your phone, computer, camera, and other electronics on board, bring along a power strip. You cabin may not have enough outlets for you to charge all your devices. Furthermore, if you find yourself in an emergency situation on board or ashore, you’ll want your phone to be fully charged.
  4. Headlamp. Cabins with no windows can become pitch-black at night. Worse, if there’s any kind of power outage on the ship, without a head lamp, you’ll be out of luck. Headlamps are inexpensive and can not only provide you with much-needed light for late-night reads, but can also help you avoid a late night accident.
  5. Back-up batteries. This is a must if you are planning on brining any electronics on board. The last thing you want is for your devices to run out of power, so make sure to pack a spare set of batteries so you can keep taking pictures, recording special moments, and ensuring your headlamp is working full force.
  6. Certified copies of your identification documents. Most cruise lines require passengers to provide original or certified copies of their passports or birth certificates. However, things can often go awry on a ship. If your bags get stolen, or if you find yourself ashore in a foreign destination without your original documents, having a certified copy in your wallet or bag can be a life-saver.

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, these simple packing tips can help ensure your cruise is safer and more enjoyable.

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