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William Shatner to Host “Star Trek” Cruise


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William Shatner to host Star Trek cruise

William Shatner to host Star Trek cruiseWilliam Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek, will boldly go where few actors have gone before. That is, he’ll be hosting a Star Trek-themed cruise. The six-day voyage, which will set sail from Miami on January 9, 2017 aboard the Norwegian Pearl, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Passengers will visit a private island as well as Cozumel and Nassau – hardly strange new worlds, but a voyage that will likely keep sci-fi lovers busy and pretty pleased.

The cruise will host other Star Trek stars as well, including Robert Picardo from Star Trek Voyager, and Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Guests can expect re-creations of sets and locations from the shows. Science aficionados will also be able to attend lectures from scientists and experts. Viewings of the show will be screened on the ship.

The Star Trek cruise is just part of a larger trend of themed cruises that are taking the oceans by storm, including Celebrity Cruises’ Top Chef culinary-themed sailing.

These cruises give guests the chance to meet celebrities, chefs, movie stars, and sports heroes. However, specialty cruises can be one of those “love it” or “hate it” vacations. For lovers of these television shows, the cruises are a fun way to vacation and also meet beloved actors and celebrities. The cruises add that special memorable touch to a vacation.

Yet, some might find the themes intrusive, especially if guests prefer a variety of entertainment options on their vacations. While some cruises are partially-themed, leaving the rest of the ship in its usual state, other vessels are fully immersed in the theme-inspired experience.

For the Star Trek cruise, for instance, guests will have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters from the show. Expect Spock-themed eyebrows galore. While for some Trekkies, the idea of spending their Caribbean vacation surrounded by Spock look-alikes is a dream come true, others might feel differently.

The themed events might also have unintended dangers. Costumes might make it more difficult for cruise officials to catch individuals who commit cruise ship crimes. They also create a sense of anonymity which can lead to trouble, especially when drinks are involved. Guests should always take precautions when attending themed parties and it is always best to attend in groups, if possible.

Shatner’s decision to host a cruise is likely to inspire more themed cruises in the weeks, months, and years to come. Is cruising likely to go the way of Vegas, where celebrities are hired to host special event cruises? The demand seems to be there. That being said, if the demand goes up, so too should the need for tighter safety and security features on board to prevent a cruise ship accident.

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