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Woman Air Lifted From Cruise Due to Stroke Conditions


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Cruiseship RotterdamEmbarking on a cruise is something that most people look forward to for a very long time. After all, the cost of a cruise makes it the kind of adventure that most people are not able to take every year. So when your plans are set, it’s likely that you are very much looking forward to the journey, and will take great lengths to ensure that you ultimately get to enjoy your time at sea.

One of the major issues that can prevent people from departing on their cruise is a health scare. Due to the fact that cruises whisk you away from your daily life—and your primary care physicians—it is important to make sure that you are in good health before your trip. While there are doctors and trained medical professionals aboard cruises, they can only do so much. Thus, any serious medical issues should be dealt with before you intend to depart.

However, sometimes health crises appear when you least expect them. Perhaps you’d been feeling perfectly fine, but wake up on the second morning of your cruise feeling somehow under the weather. These are things that no one can expect. So if it happens to you, don’t delay and go to the ship’s medical facility right away. If timely action is taken by you and proper diagnoses is made by the vessel’s medical staff a potential catastrophe can often be averted.

A recent story out of Portsmouth, Virginia demonstrates how when everything comes together right even a serious condition can be dealt with if all involved work together and passenger safety is made a priority.

On Wednesday, October 26th, a 63-year-old woman was medevaced from her cruise, Holland America Line’s MS Rotterdam. According to reports, the woman was suffering from stroke-like symptoms. This prompted the cruise doctor to contact the Coast Guard so that the woman could be airlifted to a hospital.

Although cruise medical staff are prepared to handle most everyday type illnesses, when it comes to larger, more serious issues like a potential stroke, it is always best to send patients to facilities that are equipped for the kind of specialized monitoring and care essential in the treatment of such a condtion.

Luckily, the team aboard the MS Rotterdam did exactly what they needed to, in order to keep the woman safe. She and her husband were flown to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. At this time, no further updates are available on her condition.

A Job Well Done

In the wake of this event, we are grateful to the men and women who worked together to bring this passenger to safety. While we always hope and expect that passenger safety is the first priority of all cruise lines, we know that this is, unfortunately, not always the case.

Often, cruise lines and their employees fall way short of the mark in terms of passenger safety and adequate medical care in cases like this one. As a maritime law firm, we have seen countless catastrophic injuries and fatalities due to cruise line negligence. However, stories like this one give us hope that unnecessary injury and loss of life can be decreased when crewmembers are properly trained and know when to seek outside help.

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We send our thoughts to the woman, her husband, and their family, and wish her a speedy recovery. That said, we know that recovery is not always possible for those who suffer other injuries aboard their cruise. That’s why we’re here, to let you know that a maritime lawyer is ready and willing to help.

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