What Happens to the Cruise Ship Rape Victim Who Comes Forward?

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Unfortunately, rape and sexual assaults continue to be the most often reported crimes aboard cruise ships. Every year, countless innocent passengers and crewmembers fall victim to this traumatizing event. As cruise ship rape lawyers, we know that many cases are documented however many more go unreported.

Victims of rape and sexual assault are hesitant to speak out against their attacker for a number of reasons. Whether they are still dealing with emotional turmoil or concerned for their physical safety, victims of rape and assault often experience difficulty sharing their experience with the proper authorities. However, reporting rape and sexual assault is the most important step any victim of these crimes can take if they ultimately hope to put the past behind them.

Therefore, if you have been wondering, ‘What happens to the cruise ship rape victim who comes forward?” then you are in the right place.

Initial Steps

Once you have alerted onboard security to what has taken place, you should also contact the FBI and the United States Coast Guard (for instances that take place at sea). Although the cruise line may advise you that they will contact the FBI for you, it is within your rights to reach out directly.

Victims should also visit the ship’s infirmary to treat any injuries and test for any STD’s they may have acquired during the attack. It is important to not change clothes, brush teeth, wash sheets, or do anything else that may potentially destroy evidence before your exam by the ship’s medical staff and documenting of the event by the ship’s security personnel.

It is also important to photograph any physical signs of injury that incurred during the attack, as well as the scene of the crime, to use as evidence later on in your case.

Additionally, we advise victims to take notes of exactly what took place. Although we understand, it may feel safer to forget the moments leading up to and during the attack, having documentation will help a victim’s legal argument, and will assist their attorney in presenting their case when the time comes.

In short, when everything runs according to plan, the cruise ship rape victim who comes forward is supported in carrying out the recommended steps to document the event and treated for any injuries incurred.

In order to make this challenging time a little bit easier, we have developed a cruise ship lawyer app that can help victims document the necessary evidence in one safe place. Once you notify the proper authorities, document your case, and save the evidence, you may be inclined to reach out to a lawyer who can help.

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We understand what victims are facing and we are ready to help. So if you are seeking legal advice to help you get back on your feet, do not hesitate to contact us.