How Often Does Cruise Ship Rape Happen?

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Danger at nightWhen most people think of a cruise vacation, they imagine sunny skies, warm, sandy beaches and exciting new cultures. This makes sense, as these are the cruise images that we most often see in the media or in our friends’ and family members’ photos. As a result, it’s a common belief that cruises are immune from the risk of accident, injury, and death.

However, as a maritime law firm, we can attest to the fact that that is simply a misconception. While there’s no need to go and immediately cancel your cruise plans now, we do think it’s important to know the potential risks involved before partaking in any activity: cruises or otherwise.

And if you’re going on a cruise, you may be wondering what your risks really are. As rape and sexual assault are often a topic of concern, you may be wondering how often these crimes happen aboard a cruise ship?

As a matter of fact, rape and sexual assault are the top crimes aboard cruises. Unfortunately, this crime happens far more often than anyone would like, with numerous cases reported every year, and many more that go undocumented. According to the FBI, sexual assault makes up 55% of the crimes at sea.

While cruises are generally filled to the brim with vacationers looking to simply enjoy themselves, the nature of a cruise ship means that some areas are more highly frequented than others. That means there’s the potential for attacks to take place in various locations on the ship.

As past cases have shown, both cruise passenger and crewmembers are at risk for rape and sexual assault aboard a cruise ship. And while this may be frightening to some, the most reassuring aspect of this situation is that you have the power to prevent the majority of rapes and sexual assaults from happening to you and your loved ones.

You Can Decrease the Chance of Attack

One of the simplest ways to keep yourself out of harm’s way, is to always know who you are spending time with, and, if it’s a new friend you’ve met aboard your cruise, to ensure that you spend time together only in a public places. After all, there is safety in numbers.

You may also consider setting up check-in times with traveling companions, so that your group can keep an eye on each other, even if you’re not physically together. It’s also a good idea to be mindful of your drinks, so that your evening does not end with you as the victim of an attack.  Either because you drank too much and lost your inhibitions and ability to protect yourself effectively or because your drink was spiked and you were drugged. I good rule of thumb is never drink anything you did not see being prepared and never go back to a drink you left unattended and then finish it at a later time.

While you can do a great deal to decrease your chances of rape and sexual assault aboard your cruise, we also know that things can happen when you least expect them. After working with many rape and sexual assault cases, we know that one of the main obstacles to finding justice is reporting the crime. While the emotional and physical aftermath of the event may seem paralyzing, the best thing you can do is to speak up. That way, you can get the help you deserve and prevent your attacker from hurting anyone else in the future.

Our attorneys have helped clients navigate the emotionally draining and complex legal issues after an attack and are ready to guide you through the process. So, if you have questions and are ready to take the next step, a cruise ship rape lawyer can make all the difference. Do not hesitate to contact us.