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Many people may not realize that the “Golden State” of California is not only the birthplace of blue jeans, the Frisbee and the Apple computer, but it is also home to the world’s largest landlocked harbor (San Francisco Bay). When it comes to adventures and fun-filled activities for the entire family, California provides a variety of options that will please even the pickiest individual. The state is also a popular port of call for a number of cruise ships and has ports in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Unfortunately, with all that California has to offer its residents and visitors, there is ample opportunity for any number of accidents to occur — some of which lead to significant injuries and even death. The laws governing incidents that occur on land differ from those governing incidents that occur on water. Accordingly, it is imperative for individuals who have sustained injuries that are maritime in nature to work with a skilled maritime lawyer who can help them understand the nuances of the law and how their situation may be affected by such laws.

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Crimes that take place locally can have devastating results for all involved. However, when crimes occur at sea, the problem can be a serious international issue. The cruise ship industry has grown over the years; however, with that growth comes an increase in the victimization of maritime workers and passengers.

Issues such as disappearances, sexual assault, rapes and other violent crimes have unfortunately become more commonplace on cruise liners. Sadly, many incidents go unreported for a variety of reasons. Our attorneys understand the seriousness and sensitive nature of the situation; however, victims who have been attacked while onboard a ship are encouraged to report the incident as quickly as possible.

Harmed individuals should note that cruise ship owners and operators can be held legally responsible for the criminal acts of their crew members, and in some instances, other passengers as well. That being the case, individuals should seek legal counsel from well-informed attorneys who can guide them through the legalities of the situation and keep them abreast of the litigation process every step of the way. Cruise companies often have a roster of attorneys working on their behalf — you, as the victim, should have your own legal team protecting you and your right to justice.

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Maritime lawyers typically have specific knowledge of the laws governing maritime-related incidents. The team of lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. have over 165 years of combined experience with maritime cases and are well-prepared to help you recover just compensation for your damages.

It is important for accident victims to be aware that maritime cases that involve injuries are subject to what is known as a “statute of limitations” with respect to the amount of time a victim has to sue the alleged wrongdoer for damages. That said, if you or someone you love has been injured in a maritime incident, contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your case.