Tampa Maritime Attorneys

Located on Florida’s West Coast, Port Tampa Bay (formerly known as the Port of Tampa) opened in 1924 and is now the largest port in Florida, home to many of the world’s major cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Holland America. However, a high level of cruise traffic brings with it a greater chance for cruise ship accidents, dock injuries, and crimes. Fortunately, anyone who has suffered an accident while on a ship or in port has the right to turn to a maritime lawyer for help in pursuing justice for their injuries or losses.

Injured on the High Seas? We Can Help You Obtain Justice

Thousands of travelers from around the world venture to Tampa for a cruise vacation. Some go on a cruise in search of fun and adventure, while others seek relaxation and rejuvenation. No one ever imagines the worse when boarding a ship, but the unfortunate reality is that cruises can be a breeding grounds for disaster.

Cruise passengers and crew members often become the victims of accidents, injuries, and crimes at sea and in port, including drowning and near-drowning tragedies, shore excursion accidents, theft, armed robbery, and sexual assault. Many of these incidents are the result of the cruise operator’s failure to provide a safe shipboard environment. Though maritime law requires cruise lines to abide by the highest safety protocols within their power, the unfortunate truth is that cruise operators often neglect these laws, which can lead to terrible accidents and injuries. Whether because they failed to properly train staff on how to handle emergency situations, sailed a vessel through inclement weather, neglected to thoroughly inspect and maintain equipment, or refused to evacuate the victim of a medical emergency that could not be assisted on board, cruise lines have oftentimes allowed their vessels, docks, and even shore excursions to pose a hazard to passengers and crew alike. Even more shocking, many of the cruise ship accidents and crimes that occur do not get reported and victims often find themselves battling cruise lines that refuse to help them or accept any responsibility for their role in the incident.

Our maritime lawyers here at Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. understand how frustrating it can be to go up against a major cruise line after suffering an injury or crime. Many victims decide against taking legal action because they may not even think they stand a chance against a multibillion dollar cruise corporation, missing out on critical damages that could have otherwise been theirs. We’re here to let you know that as a victim of a cruise ship accident or injury, you have rights and we are here to protect them. We work diligently to investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and determine whether the cruise line’s negligence to provide a safe environment, either on or off the ship, played a role in your injuries or the loss of a loved one. We’ve assisted countless victims in their pursuit of justice and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve as well.

Know Your Rights as a Cruise Ship Accident Victim

Going up against a cruise line is no small feat. Because nearly every cruise line registers their ships in foreign countries, they are often able to tip toe around the law and avoid accountability for an accident, injury, or crime, even when blatantly responsible. The best way to ensure your rights as a victim are protected is to work with an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer who knows the law and how it serves passengers and crew members injured or assaulted while on a cruise vacation. Our attorneys have filed claims against the world’s top cruise lines for many types if incidents, from minor injuries to passenger disappearances, and will seek the best course of action for your case. We’ll thoroughly explain what your options and what you can expect so you are never in the dark about your case.

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