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Passenger cruise vessels depart from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and from the Cruise Maryland Terminal. Cruises depart throughout the year, taking passengers to Bermuda, the Bahamas, destinations throughout Canada and New England and to the Caribbean. Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruise Ships, the British-American AIDA Cruises and Amadea Shipping Company’s MS Amada are among the different cruise lines that operate out of Baltimore.

All of these cruise lines have certain basic obligations to make sure passengers are safe aboard the ship, and even on some ship-sponsored excursions. Unfortunately, these basic obligations are often unmet and cruise passengers are the victims of many different kinds of injuries. When accidents happen at sea, it becomes imperative to contact an experienced maritime lawyer for help.

Why Do Cruise Passengers Need a Lawyer?

Cruise ship injury cases are much more complicated than typical personal injury claims. One of the biggest issues is that it can be difficult to determine where to file a case and what laws apply. For example, AIDA Cruises is a British-American company that is based in Germany. Many other cruise lines are based outside of the United States and can’t just simply be sued in your local state court when you get back to Maryland.

Cruise lines often include fine print on their tickets that details where cases can be filed, which is sometimes a location inconvenient or inhospitable to passengers. An experienced maritime attorney understands the laws applicable when injuries happen on boats owned by international companies and understands where and how to file claims when injuries happen in international waters.

A lawyer who handles maritime issues can also provide assistance with gathering necessary evidence to prove a cruise ship injury claim and demonstrating the extent of injuries and damages that result from injuries at sea.

What Types of Injuries Can Lead to a Cruise Ship Passenger Lawsuit?

Cruise ship passengers can pursue legal action against a cruise line in many different circumstances. A few examples in which passengers can pursue legal action after injuries on ships departing from Baltimore include:

  • Accidents caused by passengers or crew who are intoxicated
  • Physical or sexual assault by crew members or passengers due to negligent security or excess alcohol consumption
  • Slips, trips, and falls resulting from debris, uneven decks, raised thresholds or other unsafe conditions
  • Accidents on tender boat ferries that take cruise passengers to each port of call
  • Accidents on shore excursions that are approved and/or arranged by the cruise line
  • Disappearance of cruise passengers

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. provides representation in these and other situations when serious injury or death occurred aboard a cruise. Our experienced maritime firm also represents crew members, as well as passengers, after an injury happens aboard a ship.

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