Azzam vs. Northern Trust Bank

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A


Azzam vs. Northern Trust Bank Of Florida, as Trustee for the Anuar Manuel Azzam Trust, Mowrey Elevator Co., Inc., Mowrey Elevator Service, Inc., and Mowrey Elevator Company of Florida, Inc.

Miami Dade County Circuit Court
Case number 01-01413
Judge Cardone

Plaintiffs Attorney: Charles R. Lipcon & Jason Margulies
Defendants Attorneys: William Martin, Martin Goldberg & John S. Andrews

ELEVATOR ACCIDENT: Plaintiff, 53, former housekeeper, lived in a house owned by the Azzam Trust. It had an elevator that was designed, installed and maintained by the various Mowrey entities. Plaintiff was in the elevator when it fell two stories causing plaintiff to suffer fractures to both legs. Plaintiff claimed the defendants failed to properly design, install and service the home elevator. The defendants claimed that the elevator fell because it had not been serviced periodically because the plaintiff did not call for servicing even though reminder cards were left on her door and further that the plaintiff was never home when the servicing company came by to perform the service.

Plaintiff was unemployed at the time of the accident and did not have any lost earnings. Her medical bills totaled approximately $90,000. Dr. Lloyd Moriber assigned a permanent injury rating of 30% to the right foot and ankle, 25% to the left foot which converts to 25% to the body.

Settled: $666,600.00