Cruise Passenger Claim Shore Excursion

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Cruise Passenger Claim

A family on vacation aboard Royal Caribbean’s vessel participated in a shore excursion offered by Royal Caribbean. While Plaintiffs and other passengers were on the shore excursion vehicle, the brakes of the vehicle failed and it began careening downward out of control, ultimately striking a building and foliage before coming to a halt. The collision caused Plaintiffs to be thrown about the interior of the vehicle, resulting in physical injury and emotional trauma. The Plaintiffs sued the cruise line, Royal Caribbean, as well as the shore excursion operators, Pirate Duck Adventure. The parties settled for an undisclosed amount.

Settlement Amounts Confidential
*Due to a confidentiality agreement, the name of the plaintiff, the cruise line, and the settlement amount have not been mentioned even though the confidentiality agreements only apply to the amount of the settlement.