Handley vs. White

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A


Handley vs. White and Wills

Broward County Case No. 83-27448
Judge Gene Fischer

AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT-CHAIN REAREND COLLISION: Plaintiff, a thirty-eight year old male brush maker suffered a laminectomy at L-4 – L-5. He claims that while his automobile was stopped, he was rear-ended twice. Defendant White and defendant Wills claimed only one impact and that defendant White’s vehicle did not cause defendant Wills’ vehicle to hit plaintiff’s vehicle a second time. DR. GRAFTON SIEBER operated on plaintiff and rated him with a 15% disability. A.F. PETTI, M.D., court-appointed physician rated plaintiff with a 10% disability. Lost wages amounted to $3,000.00. Total unpaid medical bills were $24,000.00.

Case settled at start of trial: $66,000.00 (Defendant Wills-$25,000.00- Policy Limits. Defendant White-$41,000.00)