Ortiz vs. Universal Alco S.A

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A


Ortiz vs. Universal Alco S.A.

Dade County Case No.: 85-53235
Judge A. Donner

SEAMANS ACTION: Plaintiff, a Seaman, employed on the defendant’s ship, was asked to operate a forklift to unload cargo. He had not been previously trained as to how to operate a forklift. The plaintiff had to work in the rain. As he was operating the forklift, his foot slipped off the forklift clutch causing it to crash into a cargo container. Defendant claimed that the plaintiff was ordered not to operate the forklift since the defendant had their own long shoreman who would unload the vessel. Plaintiff, 36, Columbian, suffered a fractured left arm. The arm had to be operated on and repaired with a metal plate. All medical expenses were paid by the defendant. DR. GLENN SI-IARTIN would have testified plaintiff has a 10% disability to the body. The case was settled at the start of trial.

Settled: $75,000.00