Varela vs. Dantor Cargo Shipping

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Saul Alberto Acosta Varela vs. Dantor Cargo Shipping, Inc., and others

United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Civil Action No. 17-23127-Civ-Scola

$3,342,440.00 was awarded to a Honduran seaman who was denied adequate medical care after injuring his left foot aboard the vessel.

Acosta is a Honduran seaman who served as the chief engineer aboard the M/V Glory Sky I which was owned and operated by Dantor Cargo Shipping, Inc. and Fofo Transport, Inc. After injuring his left foot while aboard the vessel, Acosta was denied any type of adequate medical attention and, due to previously undiagnosed diabetes, developed a severe ulcer on his foot which became necrotic and ultimately required hospitalization. Following the incident, Acosta was denied his wages aboard the vessel and ultimately given a plane ticket to fly home to Honduras, where he was abandoned by the Defendants. Acosta’s family took him to a national medical facility in Honduras which recommended amputating his left foot. Wanting to do all they could to save his left foot, Acosta’s family took him to a private physician who provided extensive medical treatment to Acosta, ultimately leaving Acosta with a severely deformed left foot.

Acosta sued Dantor, Fofo, and the M/V Glory Sky I, in rem, alleging Jones Act Neglligence, Unseaworthiness, and Failure to Provide Maintenance and Cure.

Following a bench trial before Judge Robert Scola, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of Florida, he was awarded a verdict of $3,342,440.00, including punitive damages.

Verdict for Plaintiff: $3,342,440.00

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