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British Cruise Passenger Medevaced from P&O Britannia, Wife Left Behind Not Knowing His Condition

While no one expects to fall ill while on vacation, it is not uncommon for cruise passengers to require medevac assistance. In most cases, a nurse or family member is able to accompany the ailing passenger to the hospital. However, when 72-year-old Peter Jarvis fell seriously ill aboard the P&O Britannia, the helicopter did not have enough fuel to also bring his wife. For two days she had no information on her husband’s condition. Four days after the initial air lift, she was finally able to reach his bedside.

Cruise Ship for the Homeless

With the homelessness problem in Auckland, New Zealand on the rise, one businessman proposes a solution: housing the homeless on a retired cruise ship.

Too Big to Cruise?

Cruise lines have always accommodated for passengers with disabilities, providing special needs rooms, catering to guests who require oxygen tanks, …