Our Verdicts, Settlements & Awards

Since 1971, our maritime firm has settled and tried to verdict, literally thousands of cases. But, most settlements include confidentiality provisions which prevent us from revealing the settlement amount.

Our firm has recovered well over $300 million dollars* on behalf of our clients. This is not a complete listing of the firm’s work but is rather intended to give you an idea of cases we have handled in the past.



    Seaman Burn Injuries

    A 27-year-old seaman received serious burns aboard a freighter when the engine exploded.
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    $10,000,000.00 +

    El Faro Disaster

    Our maritime lawyers handled more El Faro crew member claims than any other lawyer in the world, and collectively resolved them for approximately $10 million.
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    Cruise Passengers Sexually Assaulted By Cabin Steward

    Two passengers were sexually assaulted in their cabin by a steward.
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    14 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted On Cruise Ship

    A young girl was raped and sexual assaulted by a bar waiter.
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    Crewmember Death

    A worker died aboard a ship after being exposed to poisonous gas while repairing the sewage system.
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    Cruise Passenger Slip & Fall

    A passenger on a cruise ship fell because of a substance on the floor and suffered a broken hip.
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    Cruise Passenger Fell On Gangway

    A passenger on a cruise ship fell on an inclined walkway and suffered hip injuries.
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    Longshoreman Work Injury

    A longshoreman sustained injuries after he fell through the pavement while operating a top loader.
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    Cruise Ship Worker Rape and Sexual Assault

    A female cruise employee was showering in the female bathroom when she was sexually assaulted and raped by a male crewmember.
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    Cruise Ship Passenger Sexually Assaulted By Crew Member

    A passenger was sexually assaulted by a crewmember during dinner service.
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    Crewmember Asbestos Claim

    An electrician was diagnosed with lung cancer (and later died) due to lengthy asbestos exposure in an engine room.
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    Cruise Ship Passenger Eye Injury

    A 38-year old woman sustained an eye injury while at the gym on a cruise ship.
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    Cruise Ship Passenger Neck Injury

    A cruise passenger suffered an injury to her cervical spine while supervising her children in the cruise water park.
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    Cargo Ship Worker Denied Medical Care

    A Honduran seaman was denied adequate medical care after injuring his left foot aboard the vessel.
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    Cruise Ship Worker Burn Injuries

    A pastry cook was burned while carrying a pan of hot caramelized sugar.
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    Seafarer Eye Injury

    An electrician suffered an injury to his eye while trying to fix safety glasses that had fogged up.
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    Cargo Ship Worker Permanent Injuries

    A commercial ship crew member sustained permanent physical injuries onboard a container ship due to negligent working conditions.
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    Hospital Medical Malpractice

    A hospital improperly diverted patients to alternative care.
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    $1,601,000.00 (unreduced)

    Premise Liability

    A cardiovascular surgeon slipped and fell on carpet glue at a hospital, suffering injuries to his knee.
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    Crewmember Back Injury

    A crewmember injured her back upon lifting a full-size bed while working as a cabin stewardess.
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    Commercial Aviation Wrongful Death

    A husband and son were killed in an airline crash due to improper repairs to the tail of the plane.
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    Wrongful Death Workplace Accident

    While performing his work, a roofer fell to his demise.
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    Catastrophic Injury Product Liability

    A 40-year old ironworker sustained severe injuries after a fall from a scaffold.
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    Cruise Ship Worker Finger Amputation

    A butcher cut his index finger while cutting a large piece of beef due to the fact that the safety device was not in-tact.
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    Cruise Passenger Slip and Fall

    A passenger aboard a cruise ship slipped on a wet floor while it was being cleaned.
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    Deckhand Wrongful Death

    A deckhand died after being stuck in the head by a malfunctioning piece of equipment
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    Cruise Passenger Shore Excursion Claim

    Multiple family members experienced injuries while riding in a car during a shore excursion on a cruise ship.
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    Seaman Wrongful Death

    A 40-year-old electrical engineer died after sustaining a head injury due to a mooring cable that broke under pressure.
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    Crewmember Maintenance And Cure

    A stateroom attendant was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease during his employment with cruise line.
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    Crewmember Improper Medical Care

    A 44-year-old seaman died of diabetic condition after the ship doctor sent him home with the flu.
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    Elevator Accident

    A 53-year-old housekeeper was in an elevator when it fell two stories causing fractures to both legs.
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    Crewmember Back Injury

    A 29-year-old cruise ship waiter sustained injuries after he fell seven stories from a lifeboat during a drill.
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    Seafarer Severe Injuries

    A 39-year-old seaman suffered severe injuries after being forced to use a manual handcrack because the gangway motor failed.
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    Product Liability Jeep Rollover

    A 32-year old suffered multiple injuries after a Jeep rolled over when pulling a trailer.
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    Cruise Ship Worker Leg Injury

    A 39-year-old kitchen employee was cut in his leg on cracked dishware, which later became infected due to improper care.
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    Cruise Ship Worker Wrist Injury

    A 28-year-old waiter injured his wrist while handling a tray of 16 dinner plates.
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    Minor Child Sporting Goods Injury

    While under pressure the elastic of a toy batting tee “sling-shotted” into the face of a minor.
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    Failure to Provide Prompt Medical Care

    A 23-year-old seaman ingested undercooked meat, which caused an eye injury after a delay in medical treatment.
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    Metrorail Worker Knee Injury

    An electrician was injured when he attempted to open a door to an electrical room and its frame fell on him.
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    Nursing Home Fractured Hip

    A 62-year-old nursing home resident suffered a fractured hip, among other injuries, after being stuck by a vehicle.
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    Crewmember Back Injury

    A 30-year-old injured his lower back when he slipped in vomit and fell down the stairs.
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    Ship Engineer Fractured Thumb

    A 49-year-old engineer sustained injuries after two accidents on the same vessel.
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    Admiralty Insurance Coverage

    An insurance company brought a Declaratory Judgment Action seeking to be absolved of all liability under a commercial hull insurance policy.
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    Crewmember Hand Injury

    A 34-year-old assistant pantry man slipped on spilled soup on a staircase, causing injuries to his hand.
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    Seaman Back Injury

    A seaman sustained back injuries after he fell while descending a metal vertical ladder.
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    Rollover Car Accident

    A 49-year-old sustained injuries after he was in a rollover car accident.
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    Yacht Cook Fractured Heel

    A 28-year-old yacht cook and mate fractured her heel while performing duties under the captain's orders.
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    Dade County Bus Passenger Assaulted

    A 52-year-old bus passenger suffered a cracked bone in the eye after she was struck and spit on by a fellow passenger.
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    Yacht Worker Back Injury

    A 22-year-old suffered from a herniated disc due to duties performed on a yacht.
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    This is just a sample of the firm’s work. We have and are currently handling hundreds of cases against the following companies.