Your Airbnb Attorney Will Not Let Landlords, Airbnb, or Other Liable Parties Get Away With Negligence and Misconduct

airbnb appWhen seeking out an experienced personal injury lawyer, the team at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is here to help. Our attorneys are nationwide and highly recognized for our efforts in the legal field. Four of our attorneys have been named to “Best Lawyers” ® in America by US News & World Report, and our firm as a whole has recovered more than $300 million for clients like you. That is just the tip of the iceberg of the support and results we offer.

For those facing an Airbnb injury claim after an accident on an Airbnb property, that experience and track record of success may be vital. Our team offers services to those injured by negligence or intentional act, among other concerns.

Common Accident Types in Airbnb Accident Claims

An Airbnb accident can be devastating. Any rental property can have its issues, but if these vacation rentals are not reasonably and properly maintained, the Airbnb property can become dangerous.

If you have suffered any of these accident types, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney about holding the Airbnb host accountable for the injuries you have suffered and the financial compensation you are due:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Fire hazards
  • Sexual assault
  • Car accidents
  • Criminal attacks leading to physical injury
  • Safety hazards caused by the property owners leaving the property in dangerous condition

Liability for Airbnb Accidents

Airbnb guests may have grounds to file a personal injury claim, but they still need to prove liability for their case before they sue. Unlike other rental spaces, like cruises or hotels and resorts, Airbnb stays may work differently.

Typically, Airbnb properties are not actually owned by Airbnb. Rather than actually owning any vacation rental properties, Airbnb acts as a middleman, often avoiding making Airbnb liable for the serious injuries you suffered. Typically, fault lies on the property owners, and our law firm will help in identifying the owner for Airbnb claims.

What to Do After an Airbnb Accident

When you are simply trying to enjoy your vacation, an accident can be a nasty, confusing surprise. You may be unsure where to turn during this time to best handle this situation.

When you are lost and confused following these accidents, be sure you take the following steps to protect your claim. Making these first steps your priority can help you overcome the devastating injuries you may have suffered.

Get Medical Attention and Document the Injury

If you have suffered a serious injury at your Airbnb, your injury claims can start by seeking care immediately after the accident. Protecting your health after an Airbnb injury can help prevent the worsening of those injuries.

That can also help you recover damages, as the insurance company may be unwilling to accept an injury claim without significant evidence of that injury having happened. Keeping these records directly connects your injuries and your case.

Equally important is to take photographs of the accident scene so you have evidence of how and why the injury occurred.

File a Complaint with Airbnb

When you have been injured at Airbnb rental properties, you may have grounds to first contact the owner or company and explain your issue. Airbnb’s complaint system is built for reporting issues you have with the property you are staying on. Filing an Airbnb claim can help you get answers and potentially help others avoid short-term rentals that are not safe for a stay.

However, if you have suffered bodily injury, keep in mind that you have legal rights to seek compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Talk to your attorney about seeking compensation once you have filed your claim with the company.

Notify the Host’s Insurance Provider

Once you have filed a claim, you may have grounds to seek compensation through their insurance company. Property owners may have host protection insurance, which can cover liability for up to $1 million if hosts are found legally responsible for an accident. For example, if you were injured in an Airbnb slip and fall because the host was careless, this insurance may help cover your losses.

However, insurance companies are still for-profit businesses. That means they may not be so willing to offer you coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. While the host may have insurance coverage, you will want to reach out to our personal injury lawyers to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need.

Contact an Airbnb Lawyer

When you file a lawsuit against vacation rental properties, you may need legal representation in the courtroom. Your attorney can help you get both compensatory and punitive damages covered, and they can advocate for you throughout this difficult process.

Fortunately, our team makes it as easy as possible to get in touch with us for a free consultation. If you are struggling on what to do after an Airbnb accident, do not hesitate to reach out for the guidance you need after your injury.

Why You Need an Airbnb Attorney Before You File

When filing a lawsuit for an Airbnb accident, you may believe you have an open-and-shut case. However, even the simplest claims can be more complex than you expect. If you are not prepared for that, it can lead to serious issues.

What can an Airbnb attorney do for you? Beyond providing legal representation and advocating for you throughout your court case, here are a few examples of how a lawyer can be a key part of your claim.

Meeting Deadlines for Your Case

Whether you are a host or a guest, you may have specific deadline requirements for filing your claim. These deadlines can vary depending on your state, but failing to file by these deadlines can lead to your claim being dismissed, leaving you without compensation.

Your attorney can make filing on time much easier. They have the tools and resources to help you file when you are slowed down by juggling your claim and your physical recovery.

Airbnb Accident FAQ

One moment, you are simply enjoying your vacation. Next, you are seriously injured, and you are unsure where to turn. Insurance claims can be complex, and the at-fault party may do anything in their power to avoid paying for your injuries.

When this happens, you may have grounds for a lawsuit, but where do you begin? Our attorneys have the specific tools you need when filing a lawsuit. We also offer free consultations for those ready to begin their journey to recovery. While you wait to speak with an attorney, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions below to learn more about your legal options.

Can you sue an Airbnb owner?

What do I do if I have a problem with Airbnb?

How do I report an injury to Airbnb?


Our Airbnb Attorneys Help Injury Victims Demand Justice

When you are hurt and need legal guidance from an experienced team of attorneys, look no further than Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. to guide you through the legal process. Our team has recovered more than $300 million for people who sustained in an accident. We seek maximum compensation for our clients and get results, with a big focus on maritime law. Four of our attorneys have been named among the “Best Lawyers” ® in America and annual recognition among the “Best Law Firms” ® by US News & World Report since 2016.

Airbnb accidents can become complex quickly. You may not have the tools to navigate premises liability law, and you may be unsure where to start improving liability. You have grounds to take legal action, but without a personal injury lawyer on your side, filing your claim can be difficult.

Our team offers a free consultation, where we can discuss your legal options to determine liability and get compensation. To learn more about your options, start with a free case evaluation by calling 877-233-1238 or by completing our online contact form.