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At Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., our law firm is focused on commercial and noncommercial maritime accidents. Our attorneys have been featured on major news networks more than 80 times, including: The Today Show, CNN, O’Reilley Factor, MSNBC, CourtTV, The Early Show, Inside Edition, 20/20, ABC’s Nightly News, and more.

We are a recommended firm of Global Law Experts and have been selected as the Best Lawyers in America, as well as SuperLawyers. We have built our strong reputation by continually striving to become the foremost legal professionals in the field of maritime law.

Our attorneys believe it is important to bring the issues of maritime law to the forefront of public attention. As part of our commitment to providing the information the public needs, Charles Lipcon has written and made available the following books and electronic news resources:

The Cruise Line Law Reporter
The Cruise Line Law Reporter provides a monthly e-newsletter which summarizes notable maritime claims made against cruise lines. Because the cruise industry is international and claims may arise in multiple courts, many cases are unrecognized and go unreported. Our monthly summary brings these cases to the forefront so cruise passengers, crew members and other attorneys can keep abreast of legal developments.

The Cruise Ship Law Blog
This is our daily blog which not only provides ongoing updates on new developments in the legal field but also has details on accidents that occur and cases in which victims suffer injuries or even death because of the negligence of cruise lines. Keep up-to-date so you know what cruise lines are failing their passengers and how passengers’ rights are vindicated after injuries occur.

Unsafe on the High SeasTop 30 Travel Book on Amazon now available as a 99c download!
Our downloadable eBook contains everything you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe when preparing to take a cruise. Dramatic cruise vessel mishaps like the Costa Concordia grounding are in the news far too often, but too many passengers go on cruises unprepared to deal with danger. This best-selling book by Charles Lipcon offers behind-the-scenes insight from one of the most experienced and recognized cruise lawyers in the industry. The book is chock full of realistic rules and practical advice so you can keep you and your family safe at sea.

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The Cruise Ship Lawyer App
The Cruise Ship Lawyer App is a free mobile phone application available for both iPhone and Android platforms. The application provides you the tools you need in case the unthinkable happens and an injury occurs at sea. When you are on the boat and cut off from the world, recording evidence of an accident can be difficult. With this free app, you won’t be caught unprepared. You can document the accident scene, complete a free case evaluation form and track your injury-related expenses. You can also make calls using an in-app Skype-feature so you can immediately reach a top maritime injury lawyer at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. This app makes it possible to get the legal advice you need to protect your rights, so don’t leave home without it.
Cruise Ship Lawyer App for Apple StoreCruise Ship Lawyer App for Google Store

Seamen’s Rights in the U.S.
Written by Charles Lipcon, this emergency guide is downloadable for free and provides the information that seamen need to be aware of in the immediate aftermath of an accident. The guide is available in eight languages- English, Spanish, French, Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean- and will help you to protect your rights until a professional can be reached.

Download the book here

The Cruise Ship S.O.S. Card
When you are at sea or in a foreign country, you may have limited access to the Internet and be unable to obtain emergency information or professional assistance in a time of need. This card contains vital emergency contact information and instructions to help you protect yourself. The card can be downloaded at no cost.

You can download the Cruise Ship S.O.S. card here


July 15-19, 2006

American Trial Lawyers Association Convention
Seattle, Washington

Update on Cruise Ship Liability and Forum Selection/ Arbitration Clauses

Event Itinerary | Click here to listen

August 12, 2005

Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association Convention
New Orleans, Louisiana

High Stakes on the High Seas: How to Successfully Handle Cruise Ship Injury or Death Cases

Event Itinerary | Click here to listen

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