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Woman Falls To Her Death From Balcony Aboard Carnival Elation

Unfortunately, death at sea is not as uncommon as you might hope. Although not the most common incident to take place aboard a cruise, the cases of cruise passengers falling to their death are growing in number. Late last week, a woman aboard the Carnival Elation fell two floors, from her 14th floor balcony to her death on the 11th floor deck below. Investigators were immediately called onto the scene, but the cause of her fall is still unknown.

Two Recent Sexual Assaults Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Ships Result in Lawsuits

At this point, you are likely aware of the fact that cruise ship rape and sexual assault are the most common crimes at sea. However, did you also know that many of these traumatic incidents involve minors? This is the sad and shocking truth you should know before you depart. There were recently two sexual assault cases filed against Norwegian Cruise Lines. The latest one involves an Iowa family who has sued Norwegian Cruise Line for negligence that they believe led to the sexual assault of their 12-year-old daughter last year.

Is Cruise Ship Rape A Real Problem?

If you are preparing to depart on a cruise, you may be wondering if cruise ship rape and sexual assault are real problems? While these are certainly very real problems at sea, there are steps you can take to keep yourself and your traveling companions out of harm’s way.

Excursion Boat Sinks of the Coast of Mexico, Royal Caribbean Passengers Forced Overboard

Late in December, concerns were raised over the safety of shore excursions after a tour bus crash in Mexico left many dead and many more wounded. Now, a second shore excursion incident has occurred. In this latest accident, a tour boat carrying cruise passengers to a dive site off the coast of Mexico sank just moments after arriving at the site. Fortunately, all 10 passengers were rescued and brought to safety.

Norwegian Breakaway Sails Into Storm Grayson, Places Passengers At Risk

When a storm is projected to interfere with a cruise line’s itinerary, most people would assume that the cruise line would re-route the ship in order to keep passengers and crewmembers out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the Norwegian Breakaway, which spent two days sailing directly through winter storm Grayson. Conditions aboard the ship were dire, with many wondering if they would make it to dry land.

25 Injured on River Cruise in Germany

When you set out on a cruise, you expect that your cruise line will keep you safe, from beginning to end. Unfortunately, there are far too many times when human error leads to accident or injury on the water. Just this week, 25 individuals were injured on a river cruise in Germany, when the vessel collided with the pillar of a bridge.

How to Report a Cruise Ship Rape or Sexual Assault

When you set out on your cruise vacation, the last thing you expect is to fall victim to rape or sexual assault. However, these continue to be the two most common crimes at sea. As a result, it is important to know how to report these incidents, should tragedy strike. Our cruise ship rape lawyer explains everything you need to know.

Shore Excursion Bus Crash Kills 12 Cruise Passengers in Mexico

Setting out on a shore excursion should be an exciting and most importantly, safe, experience. However, things can quickly go awry, leaving passengers unsure of where to turn. This week, a shore excursion bus traveling to the Mayan ruins crashed. The incident, which appears to have not involved any other vehicles, killed 12 and injured almost 20.

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act Helps Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault

For many individuals who become the victim of rape or sexual assault at sea, the future can seem bleak. However, thanks to the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010, victims of these crimes can rest assured that their cruise line can be held responsible for the tragic and life-changing event that took place at sea. A trusted cruise ship rape lawyer can help navigate the complex legal arena, so that you can get the justice and closure you deserve.

Crewmember Disappears from Vision of the Seas near Galveston, Texas

Despite security cameras and safety protocol, cruise disappearances are unfortunately still happening. In many cases, the cruise line will attempt to avoid any responsibility for the incident so as not to put their name in a bad light. Just this week, a 24-year-old pool attendant aboard the Vision of the Seas was reported missing after not showing up for his shift. A ship-wide search was conducted, but the man has yet to be found.