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Beware Cruise Ship Rape and Sexual Assault During the Holidays

For most people, a cruise is a chance to escape the burdens of everyday life. However, just because you are at sea does not mean that crime does not exist. In fact, rape and sexual assault are the two most commonly reported crimes at sea. So if you are planning a cruise this holiday season, you’ll want to brush up on best practices for safety before you depart.

Man Suffering From Appendicitis Medevaced From Grandeur of the Seas

No one ever sets out on a cruise with the expectation of requiring emergency medical attention. However, this was exactly the case for one man this week, who was suffering from appendicitis while on the Grandeur of the Seas. In an air-lift mission that required helicopters to provide extra fuel for the long journey, the man was successfully brought to the nearest hospital.

Protect Yourself From Sexual Predators At Sea

When you set out on your cruise, the last thing you want or expect is to become the victim of rape or sexual assault. Unfortunately, these remain the top two crimes reported at sea. With unreliable background checks, it is up to you to keep yourself, your family and your children safe from sexual predators.

87-Year-Old Woman Medevaced From Viking Sky

For most people, an accident or injury at sea is probably the last thing they want to experience. Unfortunately, these kinds of incidents–many of which are preventable–happen far more often than anyone would like. This week, an 87-year-old woman injured her hip and required medevac assistance.

Family Of Deceased Cruise Singer Seeks Closure After Four and a Half Years

Becoming the victim of accident, injury or wrongful death at sea is not a situation for which anyone can ever fully prepare. However, when tragedy strikes, you may assume and hope that the cruise line and local authorities will do what they can to help you achieve closure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This week, an unresolved death at sea came back into light, illuminating the challenging process that can be involved when a loved one dies aboard a cruise.

31-Year-Old Man Medevaced from Carnival Sunshine

No one goes on a cruise, intending to require emergency medical assistance. However, even the most seemingly prepared of passengers can wind up in a situation that justifies a medevac. This week, a 31-year-old man was airlifted from the Carnival Sunshine as it sailed off of the Atlantic coast of Florida.

Cruise Captain Rescues 10 Men Stranded At Sea

It’s not everyday that a cruise ship is involved in a rescue operation. However, this week P&O’s Britannia made a slight detour in order to rescue 10 men who were stranded in their wooden ship, off of the coast of Spain. The captain explained he had a moral and legal responsibility to do what he could to help.