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Sydney Man Sustains Serious Facial Injuries During Cruise Brawl

Lately, violence aboard cruises has reached an all-time high. Every few days, it seems, there is another report of a brawl at sea. So it may come as no surprise that this month, another physical altercation broke out between two men aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. One of the men sustained serious facial injuries. His brother is now questioning the actions taken by the cruise line in the wake of the event.

Woman Rescued After Falling From Norwegian Epic Near the Bahamas

This week, a female guest aboard the Norwegian Epic reportedly fell overboard while the ship sailed near the Bahamas. Fortunately, rescue teams found the woman and returned her to the ship, where she was reported in stable condition. However, this incident raises many questions regarding cruise ship safety, and what may have led to her fall.

British Cruise Passenger Dies After Being Evacuated From Cruise

Many people assume that their cruise line will always look out for their best interest. However, the unfortunate truth is that this is not always the case. A prime example of this is the recent tragic case of Joanna Kiln, a British national who died in Brazil after being medically evacuated from her cruise. Local medical professionals who treated Kiln say that the cruise line essentially abandoned her.

Cruise Ship Rape Is A Problem: Here’s What You Can Do

When it comes to cruise ship crimes, rape and sexual assault at sea continue to be the most frequently reported. Although this fact may be intimidating enough to make you want to stay home, you should rest assured that there are many steps you can take to ensure that your cruise is as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be.

Rowdy Passengers Aboard Carnival Legend Removed For Passenger Safety

When you set out on a cruise vacation, the last thing you want is to find your carefree vacation disrupted by passengers who are looking for trouble. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened aboard the Carnival Legend, as it made a 10-day voyage through the South Pacific. Due to unreasonable violence, 23 passengers were removed early from the ship.

Woman Transported From Carnival Pride Due to Cardiac Event

There is no arguing with the fact that the last thing anyone wants when they set out on their cruise is to require emergency transport to a hospital on land. However, these types of events are becoming more and more common, leading us to wonder how cruises could improve their safety and medical facilities to better address guests’ needs?

Fight Aboard P&O Pacific Explorer Requires Cruise to Return Early

When you set out on a cruise, the last thing you want is to have your journey end early because of the behavior of other passengers. However, this is exactly what happened on the P&O Pacific Explorer when a group of passengers got into a fight while waiting to use the bathrooms. Some believe over-consumption of alcohol may be to blame.

Incident Aboard Norwegian Pearl Raises Concerns About Cruise Doctor Competency

When Danielle and Brant Aymond embarked on their honeymoon to Honduras aboard the Norwegian Pearl, they had high hopes for what the journey would bring. Unfortunately, the trip became a painful nightmare, when Brant sliced open his foot on the coral reef and the cruise doctor sutured his foot–leaving pieces of the reef inside. Brant required emergency surgery to save his foot after the wound became infected. Now the couple is speaking out about the issue of insufficient standards for cruise medical professionals.

Rape and Sexual Assault of Minors: A Major Concern for Parents

The rape and sexual assault of minors aboard cruise ships continues to be a concern. Due to the misleading advertising of the cruise industry, many parents do not realize the potential dangers that exist for their kids at sea. This week, a case from 2015 came back to light, as the family of the minor is seeking to sue the cruise line for the harm caused to their son.