Complaint – Costa Luminosa Coronavirus

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A

This Class Action lawsuit involves Defendant Costa’s knowing and intentional decision to proceed with a transatlantic 20-day cruise on March 5, 2020, knowing at least one of its passengers from the prior voyage who disembarked February 29, 2020 had symptoms of coronavirus. Their intentional decision to conceal from passengers that a passenger on the Costa Luminosa had symptoms of coronavirus that necessitated a medical evacuation; and knowing and intentional decision to wait two days to order passengers to isolate in their staterooms after being informed that the passenger who disembarked in Puerto Rico with symptoms of coronavirus tested positive for such. In so doing, Costa subjected over 2,000 passengers to the highly contagious coronavirus and exposing passengers to actual risk of immediate physical injury and death.