Passengers’ safety and personal sanctity should never be violated—on land or on a sailing vacation. People often assume that violent crime, including sexual assault and rape, is not a problem aboard cruise ships, yet statistics reveal that violent crimes frequently occur.

Our lawyers have represented many passengers and crew members who were victims of sexual assault on a cruise ship. From practical experience in handling situations of clients who were raped on cruise vacations, we are familiar with the recurring aspects of these cases. We know the community of experts in related fields and understand the laws applicable to your case.

Cruise Lines Disclose Sexual Crime Incidence

In a disclosure made by only four of the major cruise lines, a total of 25 allegations of rape, statutory rape and sexual assault were reported in the brief six-month period between January 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013. A recent Senate report on cruise ship crime supports the conclusion that these statistics are just a fragment of the epidemic frequency of these terrible crimes. Many people who are raped while on vacation do not report the crime. When these unfortunate incidents occur, you need a cruise ship rape attorney who specializes in high-sea sexual assault cases.

Legal Professionals on Your Side

Not surprisingly, cruise lines have a standardized response to assault and rape victim allegations. These companies try to settle quietly and with confidentiality clauses because sexual assault cases can discourage future vacation bookings. Victims agree to not publicly discuss the incident, and the cycle of secrecy continues.

At Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., our experienced legal team understands the methods cruise lines routinely employ. We apply compassion and integrity to obtain a fair and equitable resolution that is in our client’s best interest, not what is most convenient for the cruise line.

Cruise Ship Injury App & Other Resources

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman offers a number of professional resources to assist victims in the event of an assault.

Our exclusive cruise ship app allows you to store and retain evidence in the event of sexual assault or rape. You can download our app at no cost. The app contains response checklists to follow should you ever become the victim of a crime while cruising. Our app helps you take the most appropriate action when you are otherwise least able to focus on what you should do. Our vessel app also provides response resources and a means to preserve evidence in your case.

Additionally, attorney Charles Lipcon has compiled 35 years of experience representing plaintiffs in his popular e-Book “Unsafe on the High Seas,” which has consistently ranked among Amazon’s top 30 best sellers in the travel category. Download this book today and review his helpful advice. It has never been easier to obtain a resource at your fingertips should you need a cruise ship rape lawyer.

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