Our Cruise Ship Lawyers In The News: Shore Excursion Victims Retain Our Law Firm


Our cruise injury law firm finds itself in the news once again.  We were featured in a recent article regarding our efforts on behalf of injured passengers from the Royal Caribbean Shore Excursion accident that involved a bus crash in St. Martin/Saint Marteen. The bus driver lost control on an embankment while transporting passengers to a shore excursion destination on the Island.  Even though Royal Caribbean cruise line contracted with a third party operator to provide the transportation for the shore excursion, Royal Caribbean cruise line is a joint partner in the  venture and  must therefore share the liability for the passenger’s injuries under the law.

It is not surprising that our firm is gaining news media attention once again.  Over the past 41 years we have established ourselves as proven leaders in the area of personal injury maritime litigation, and have successfully recovered damages for our clients in a variety of cases, including cases that have set precedent.  We know that one of the reasons that our clients in the St. Martin bus crash accident have chosen our firm to represent them is the fact that we prepare our own cases for trial, and we are always willing to see a case through to the end, a final ruling from the highest appellate Court having jurisdiction over the matter.

In this case we will be fighting for our clients medical care, pain and suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, disfigurement, bodily injury, loss of earnings and earning capacity in the past and into the future, as applicable to the individual circumstances of each of our clients cases.  This is a unique area of the law.  Because you are dealing with incidents which occur in foreign countries you need to have experienced counsel, that are familiar and comfortable with the issues  that will come up regarding personal jurisdiction; that is, whether a court in Florida has power over a foreign defendant. Nonetheless, every victim has rights, and we do our best to protect them.

You can read the full article about the shore excursion accident and what our firm is doing to help the victims here: Yahoo! News article.