Kin of woman missing on cruise sue Carnival


November 22, 2005
Miami Herald

The family of a Wisconsin woman who disappeared from a cruise ship sued Carnival Corp. for $15,000 on Monday, claiming the crew’s failure to monitor a surveillance camera delayed search-and-rescue efforts.

The surveillance camera in the area where Annette Mizener’s purse was found had been covered, preventing the crew from seeing her go overboard, according to the civil lawsuit filed in Miami.

“Had they checked on it immediately when it was covered, they would have known she was overboard,” said Charles Lipcon, a Miami attorney representing Mizener’s family. “There was a long delay due to a failure to monitor the camera, or check why it didn’t show a picture.”

Mizener, 37, disappeared from the Carnival Pride on Dec. 4 during a weeklong cruise in Mexico with her parents and 17-year-old daughter.