Centeno vs. Gulf Fleet

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A

Our Verdicts

Centeno vs. Gulf Fleet

United States District Court Case No. 81-4210
Judge Lansing Mitchell

ADMIRALTY-JONES ACT, FAILURE TO ADEQUATELY TREAT: Plaintiff’s husband, a forty-four year old seaman from Honduras became ill while working on defendant’s vessel. Defendant sent him to a doctor who diagnosed flu. The decedent was then sent home without any further care. When he reached Honduras he was almost in a diabetic coma. About one month later he died. Defendant claims the seaman was sent home in good condition and he died of a problem unrelated to his original illness. DR. CHEVARRIA, who treated the seaman in Honduras testified he would have lived had the original doctor detected and treated the diabetic condition in time. The widow and three minor children survived the seaman. He earned $1,500.00 monthly as a cook.

Verdict for plaintiff: $776,000.00