Tu vs. Mt. Sinai Medical

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A

Our Verdicts

Sub Title

Miami Dade County Circuit Court
Case # 93-03552
Judge Levine

Plaintiffs Attorneys: Charles R. Lipcon
Defendant’s Attorney: Robert Josefsberg and Kathy Ezell

Intentional Interference with Contract: Plaintiff, Vietnamese Medical Doctor was an independent neonatologist who set up the baby nursery at Mt. Sinai Hospital to treat sick babies. Plaintiff claimed that Mt. Sinai hired their own employee neonatologists and then diverted all new patients away from plaintiff to Mt. Sinai’s own employees. Plaintiff claimed this violated his privileges with the hospital which constituted a contract. Defendant denied improperly diverting patients and further claimed that plaintiff had voluntarily left the hospital but that under any circumstances, plaintiff’s privileges to practice medicine at the hospital expired thereby limiting any possible claim to a few months.

Jury Verdict for Plaintiff: $2,000,000.00