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What Is The Most Famous Cruise Line?

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Planning a cruise vacation can be one of the most exciting aspects of your entire trip! There is something so engaging about deciding which itinerary to choose and contemplating the shore excursions you’ll want to experience. However, before you can begin to nail down the details, you’ll have to first choose which cruise line to book with.

This is often one of the most challenging choices. These days, there are just so many great options! Regardless of who you’re traveling with, what your interests are, and what your budget is, you will no doubt find at least a handful of comparable cruise options from which to make a decision. For many people, the tie-breaking comes down to the following question, “What is the most famous cruise line?” So if that’s been on your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

The question of ‘most famous’ is an interesting one to answer, as many people will interpret that word differently. However, for our purposes, we’ll associate ‘most famous’ with ‘most popular,’ as a cruise line could not become popular if it was not also famous! So with this in mind, we’ll discuss a few companies you’ve probably heard of.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Since 1972, Carnival has become most famous for its Caribbean voyages. Dubbing itself, “The world’s most popular cruise line,” Carnival promises to a fun experience for every passenger who comes on board. Today, in addition to sailing the Caribbean, the company has vacations to Mexico, Alaska, The Bahamas, Cuba, Hawaii, and the Mediterranean. This is also the parent company to Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Cunard, Costa Cruises, Seabourn, P&O Cruises, P&O Cruises Australia, Aida Cruises and Fathom

Celebrity Cruises

Another famous cruise liner is Celebrity. Since 1990, this company has been serving a luxury-seeking crowd, and they’ve branded themselves accordingly. The company was founded with the idea that they could set a new worldwide standard for cruising, with, “superior quality, grand style, attentive service, spacious accommodations, and exceptional cuisine.” Today, Celebrity is committed to continuing to create innovative experiences for its guests.

Disney Cruise Lines

In the early 1990’s it became clear to Disney that cruises would be the next wave of exciting vacation travel. Not to be left out of an opportunity to expand and better serve guests, Disney Cruise Lines set sail in 1998. In the beginning, the ships sailed exclusively to the Bahamas. Today, however, Disney sails around the Caribbean, as well as to Alaska, Europe, Panama, and Mexico.

Royal Caribbean International

Launched in 1969, Royal Caribbean has been pushing the envelope on the industry with many firsts, including rock climbing, ice skating, and surfing at sea. Today, the company is making an active effort in conscious cruising, with an eye to the environment and the community. The company has itineraries around the world, so that you can enjoy everywhere from New England to the South Pacific.

All of this is to say that there are a variety of famous cruises for you to choose from. But no matter which line you choose to book, it’s important to remember that accident and injury can take place anywhere and with any company. Our team has seen a wide range of injuries occur on ships around the world, with both easily recognizable names and with those that are less so. So, by all means, do enjoy yourself! But do so with the knowledge that should tragedy strike, we are here to help. And if you need a maritime attorney on your side, do not hesitate to contact us.

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